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'Connecting with the Past: A Personal Journey with iGENEA DNA Test'

Family name Easter

Embarking on iGENEA’s DNA test led me on an emotional journey, transforming my understanding of my family heritage and the origins of my surname, Easter. A newfound connection to my roots and an enriched sense of identity were the unanticipated gains from this scientific exploration.

My experience with iGENEA has truly been transformative, making me see not only myself but also my lineage and my surname Easter in a completely new light. It's essential to remember that the narratives we hear growing up are constructed from subjectivity and bias, undoubtedly significant, but perhaps not complete. iGENEA provided this different perspective, an objective, scientific, DNA-based view of my family history that infused new emotion into old narratives and overall broadened my sense of identity.

The build-up to receiving my results was one characterized by a potpourri of emotions: a feeling of excitement shrouded in mystery - a sense of stepping into a realm wherein the secrets of your ancestors lie unraveled. There was a connection to humanity at large feeling a part of something much larger than one’s individual existence was poignant and profound. Upon receiving the exhaustive report, it instantly drew one into the depths of the past, vividly elucidating the historical journey my ancestors undertook.

The revelation that was striking yet comforting was that my surname, Easter, had Germanic origins. Coming from a family that always had documented its origins as unequivocally Irish was rather startling. The process unlocked unexplored dimensions to who we are as Easter's, introducing a nuanced complexity to our identity that I had never acknowledged before.

This newfound blend of two cultures, Irish and Germanic, injected an unparalleled sense of richness and diversity to our family history. The surname Easter assumed a new depth, an emblem representing not one but two heritages, an indication of not just who we are but also of the journey, we have undertaken to become who we are. The process had drawn out emotions I had not anticipated: awe, elation, surprise, contemplation - all of which served to further amplify the feeling of connection and belongingness.

In short, stepping into the realm of iGENEA’s DNA test took me on an emotional rollercoaster; a journey filled with unexpected twists and turns that has left me with a stronger connection to my roots, a newfound understanding of the significance of my last name, Easter, and an invigorating appreciation for the incredible journey of evolution that our family has undergone.

M. Easter

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