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Surname Easterwood - Meaning and Origin

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Easterwood: What does the surname Easterwood mean?

The last name Easterwood is of English origin, derived from the Old English term "easterwude" which means "wood of the east". This descriptive surname likely refers to a person that lived in an area east of a particular English village, town, or area.

The name Easterwood may have been given to someone with a close connection to Easter, the holiday. This could be because the person or family celebrated the holiday or was related to a local religious leader. Alternatively, it may have been given to someone who frequently traveled in the east during a period of time when a community was building up or expanding onto new land.

The name Easterwood today stands for a family lineage, a reminder of the strength and perseverance of a family. It honors the ancestors who had enough vision and courage to carve a new life, and grow, thrive, and endure. Furthermore, the word Easterwood is associated with renewal, hope, freshness, and life. It is a reminder of the nature of life and how we are constantly faced with the opportunity of rebirth and transformation.

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Easterwood: Where does the name Easterwood come from?

The last name Easterwood is found primarily in the United States today, although it has been seen in rarer cases in other English-speaking nations. It is a variation of the English surname Easterbrac, which was derived from the Old Norse word "Esterbrac meaning "easter-bower". This refers to a little nook in a house where Easter festivities were conducted in honor of the Christian holiday.

The surname is most common in the southern states, especially in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Alabama. It also appears in other parts of the United States, although at a much lower frequency. It can also be found in small numbers in countries such as Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Easterwood is usually found in association with people of English or Scottish ancestry. It was likely brought to the United States by early British settlers, although some researchers believe it may have originated in the form Easterbritch in Germany or in the area that is now the Czech Republic. It is likely that those who possessed the surname before coming to the United States chose to adopt the English spelling due to difficulty pronouncing the German or Czech variants.

Today, the last name Easterwood is not particularly common, and it is difficult to find it with a single search engine query. However, those who possess the name can take pride in its unique roots and the histories of the people who adopted it.

Variations of the surname Easterwood

The surname Easterwood has numerous variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. These include: Easterwood, Eastrwood, Eastawood, Estrwood, Estwood, Estewood, Esthernwood, Easterwoode, Eastwoode, Estwoode, Estewoode, Esterwod, Estonwod, Estarnwood, Esterwelle, Esternell, Estall, Easterill, Estervell, Easter hon, Easterin, Esterhone, Esterhin, Easterham, Easterhum, Easterwick, EasterWeek, Easterwyk, Easterweke, Eastham, Eastum, and Esthall.

The meaning of the surname Easterwood is derived from the Old English word ‘east’, meaning ‘east’, and ‘wudu’, meaning ‘wood’. This indicates that the surname may indicate a place of origin from the east. Alternatively, this could indicate a geographical region that was east of where the person lived. The surname is believed to have originated in England and has been present in the US since the early 19th century.

The most common variant of the surname Easterwood is Eastwood. This is an English surname which is derived from multiple Old English elements, including ‘east’, ‘wood’, and ‘ham’, which refers to a village or estate. This surname was first recorded in the Domesday Book in 1086. It is also commonly found in Scotland and Ireland.

Other variants of the surname Easterwood include Easterwell, Easterill and Easterham, which are all derived from Old English place names. These are believed to originate from places named in Old English as ‘Estorwelda’ or ‘Estorweldes’, both of which refer to ‘eastern wood’. The Estell and Esthall surnames are derived from the Old English word ‘stall’, meaning ‘place’.

Clearly, the surname Easterwood has numerous variants, spelling, and origin-linked surnames. These surnames have been passed down through many generations in the US and abroad. Moreover, the Old English etymology of the surname continues to be relevant in contemporary society.

Famous people with the name Easterwood

  • David Easterwood: Grammy-nominated American country music producer and musician, best known for his work as lead guitarist for The Hardshells music group.
  • Liz Easterwood: Grammy-nominated American singer-songwriter and folk star who has released seven studio albums to date.
  • Dean Easterwood: South Carolina-based country singer-songwriter and guitarist best known for his 2007 release "My Baby Brings Me Water".
  • Dorothy Easterwood: American country artist and songwriter who was presumably born in the late 1800s and died in 1971.
  • Ernie Easterwood: Jazz drummer and banjoist from Washington, DC, who was a member of the Easterwood Swing Orchestra in the 1930s.
  • Derrell Easterwood: Country rock and blues musician from Nashville, Tennessee, best known for his hit single "Hands of Time".
  • Devin Easterwood: Contemporary country artist from Maryland who has released two albums of original material.
  • William Easterwood: Widowed country music singer-songwriter from NC who is known for his acoustic ballads and love songs.
  • Tom Easterwood: American folk and gospel musician who gained fame as a member of The Easterwood Brothers of Texas in the 1940s.
  • Mia Easterwood: Alabama-born Americana singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who grew up performing gospel music.

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