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Surname Eastin - Meaning and Origin

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Eastin: What does the surname Eastin mean?

The surname Eastin originates from the Middle English and Old French 'estaing', which is derived from the Latin 'stagnum', meaning 'standing water'. This name may have been a topographic name for someone who lived near a pool or lake, or an occupational name for a swineherd.

Eastin was also a common surname among aristocratic and gentry families of England and Scotland in the 12th century, which suggests the Eastin name may have been a patronymic (an inherited surname derived from the given name of a male ancestor) taken from a father's name.

The original Eastin family were members of the gentry and held estates in Staffordshire and Warwickshire. In the late 19th century, the Eastin surname became more widespread, with members of the family originating from Ireland, America, and Canada.

In 1086, a man named Aelmer Estain was listed in the Domesday Book in Staffordshire. Today, various spellings of the Eastin surname can be found throughout the English language speaking world, from Eastin in England, to Eston in Ireland, and even Eaton and Estin in the United States.

The Eastin surname is associated with honor and strength, with family members playing a role in the history of their countries. In England, the Eastin’s were granted a coat of arms in 1086. The blazon of the arms is: a bend between six lions rampant. The crest is a lion rampant guardant.

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Eastin: Where does the name Eastin come from?

The last name Eastin is a relatively uncommon surname today, although it is still known in some pockets of the United States. According to, most people with the last name Eastin can be found in the southeastern United States. The states with the highest number of Eastin family members are Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina, suggesting they are likely of British descent. The same source also lists Virginia, Texas, and Louisiana as having significant numbers of Eastin family members.

In addition, Eastin is a very popular last name in certain other countries, particularly Australia. In this country, most Eastin family members are of English descent, with some scattered Irish and Scottish origins as well. The top five states in Australia with the most Eastin people are Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, and Western Australia.

Given its varied origins, Eastin is also fairly popular in Canada and the United Kingdom. In both countries, the most densely populated Eastin areas are typically in areas of immigration, such as the cities of Toronto (in Canada) and London (in the U.K.).

Overall, Eastin is still a relatively uncommon last name, though the population of Eastin people globally is fairly dispersed. As a result, those looking for other Eastin family members might find them in various locations throughout the United States, the U.K., Canada, and Australia.

Variations of the surname Eastin

The surname Eastin has its roots in the English language. It is derived from the Old English personal name Eastan, which meant ‘east-dweller’. This surname is typically spelt Eastin, but there are also variants and spellings such as Easton, Easten, Estin and Esten.

Variations in form and spelling of surnames often occurred when people wrote their names or in how census takers would transcribe them. Commonly, spellings of a surname could be changed to reflect a different pronunciation or dialect of the same original surname. Thus, while Eastin is spelled similarly in other languages such as French or German, Eastin may also be written as Estin or Esten.

Over time, Eastin also developed into other surname forms, including Esten, Estin, Estean and Estian. Any of these latter forms can be thought of as a patronymic form, meaning that it is a surname that is derived from the first name of the father.

In addition, there are various other spellings and variants of Eastin, including Eston, Eastman, Easton, Eastwick, Estling, and Eastling.

All of the mentioned spellings and forms of Eastin can be traced back to the Old English personal name Eastan, which means ‘east-dweller’ and was used to distinguish people who lived in the East. Thus, while Eastin, Easton, Estin, and Esten may look different, all of them are ultimately used to refer to the same origin.

Famous people with the name Eastin

  • Sterling Eastin: Emmy Award-winning producer/director
  • Brent Eastin: professional ice hockey player
  • Jim Eastin: American politician and former minister
  • Emily Eastin: Olympic swimmer
  • Taylor Eastin: actress in the Hallmark movie, "Dater's Handbook"
  • Chuck Eastin: NASCAR driver
  • Ryan Eastin: professional soccer player
  • Andy Eastin: music producer and drummer
  • Margaret Eastin: painter/sculptor
  • Bill Eastin: former NBA player

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