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Surname Eastlake - Meaning and Origin

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Eastlake: What does the surname Eastlake mean?

The last name Eastlake is of English origin and is thought to have originated from any of several places called Eastlake or East Leake throughout England. It is possible that the name was used as an identifying or distinguishing factor for families who resided in or near one of these locations.

The most likely derivation of the name, however, is from the Old English term Lec or Leake, which denoted someone who lived by a stream or a leak. In this case, families who added the prefix East to their surnames were those who inhabitated the eastern side of such an area.

The Eastlake name has achieved much recognition in recent times. The T.V. series Eastlakes that chronicles the lives of an English family from Eastlake in Sussex in the 19th century was immensely popular in the 1990s.

Likewise, There is an area in Auckland, New Zealand called Eastlake that is the name of a residential area in the city of Wellington.

Finally, the word Eastlake is referenced in the 2017 musical Khalil, which highlights the struggles of a young black man who is consumed by the injustices endured by his people during the Eastlake Riots of 1968 in Los Angeles.

It is clear that the legacy of those bearing the Eastlake name carries throughout the ages. This unique English surname stands for resilience and a strong sense of community—qualities that we should ever strive to embody.

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Eastlake: Where does the name Eastlake come from?

The last name Eastlake is primarily found in the United States today, as well as Canada, Australia, and England. According to, the Eastlake name is most popular in the Southern United States, particularly Tennessee and Mississippi. The presence of Eastlake in England is primarily in London and other southeastern areas of the country, with a smattering of others throughout the British Isles. In Canada, Eastlake is most popular in Ontario, especially in the Greater Toronto and Ottawa areas, but can be found throughout the country. In Australia, the name Eastlake is spread more evenly throughout the country, including the major cities.

The origin of the Eastlake last name is believed to have originated in Scotland or Northern England, with another smaller and possibly related presence in both France and Italy. Many people with the Eastlake name were involved in various military activities in the British Navy and British Army.

The Eastlake surname is sometimes seen spelled as Eastlack or Eastlakey, with the latter spelling believed to be derived from Eastlaken, a location in the Dutch province of Gelderland.

Variations of the surname Eastlake

The surname Eastlake is derived from the Old English personal name Eastelac that was of multiple symbolistic origins. As such, its surname can be of multiple spellings such as Eastlake, Estlake, Estlack, Estlick, Estlick, Estloke, Estlocke, Eastlack, Eastleck, Eastlick, Eastloke, Eastlocke, Estlack, and Eastlake all of the same origin.

In some cases, the Eastlake surname can also appear as initials such as L.E. Eastlake or variations such as Eastlack, Eastlack, Easylock, Eastlick, Estlack, Easlick, Estlick, Estlock, and Estlocke. Additionally, some variations spellings of Eastlake include Eastlake, Eastlack, Eastlick, Estlick, Estloke, Estlocke, Easyleck, Easylick, Esstlack, Eastdeloc, Eastveloc, and Easteloc.

The Eastlake surname can also be found in some combinations with other surnames such as in Eastlake-Fields, Eastlake-Johnson, Eastlake-Williams, Eastlake-Jones, Eastlake-Frazier, Eastlake-Harris, Eastlake-Martin, Eastlake-Walker, Eastlake-Robinson, and Eastlake-Thomas.

In some cases, the Eastlake surname can also be found in derivatives of other language pronunciations such as the Swedish surname Eastlaken, the Danish surname Estlaeken, and the Dutch surname Eastlaken.

Overall, the Eastlake surname is quite widespread in its variant spellings and surnames of the same origin, providing establishment in Britain, countries in The Americas, Northern Europe, and other international destinations.

Famous people with the name Eastlake

  • Sir Charles Lock Eastlake: a 19th-century British painter and patron of the arts.
  • Sir Charles Eastlake: a British naval officer and colonial administrator who served as Governor of New South Wales from 1855 to 1861.
  • Sir Charles Eastlake: the first President of the Royal Academy of Arts from 1878 to 1896.
  • Lady Eastlake: the wife of Sir Charles Lock Eastlake and a renowned writer on the arts.
  • Harriet Eastlake: a successful Victorian-era architect, designer and writer who dedicated her career to the advancement of architecture and design.
  • Beatrice Eastlake: the daughter of Sir Charles Lock Eastlake and Lady Eastlake and an accomplished artist in her own right.
  • Aldous Eastlake: a Liberian development professional, public health expert and facilities monitoring specialist.
  • Edward Eastlake: a British neoclassical sculptor, notable for his works on Trafalgar Square.
  • Elizabeth Eastlake: a British biographer, travel writer, and art critic.
  • Lord Eastlake: British painter, writer, and collector of arts and crafts.

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