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Surname Edgcomb - Meaning and Origin

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Edgcomb: What does the surname Edgcomb mean?

The surname Edgcomb originates from the Saxon form of the Old English name Edgecombe. The name is a topographical surname and may refer to someone from 'Edgecombe,' a geographically descriptive place-name derived from the Old English words ecg, meaning 'edge or corner,' and cumb, meaning 'valley.'

In its earliest records, the surname Edgcomb appears as either Eggcombe or Eggecombe, which show the influence of the Celtic language spoken in Britain at the time.

The Edgcomb family first appears in the county of Kent, England, where the surname was particularly prevalent in the thirteenth century, and appears to have been concentrated in the area around Brabourne. The family name quickly spread to other parts of the country by migrating to other counties, and later to America.

Today, Edgcomb is a fairly uncommon surname. It is most commonly found in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, and South Africa.

The Edgcomb surname offers an insight into the history of the family and the region in which it originated. It is a reminder of a time when the people of England lived in close-knit communities and place-names were derived from the local environment.

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Edgcomb: Where does the name Edgcomb come from?

The last name Edgcomb is most commonly found in the United States and United Kingdom. In the United States, the most common states of residence for people with this surname are Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Illinois. The highest concentration of the surname is in Madison in Dane County, Wisconsin where it ranks 5,323 out of 88,799 of the most common surnames. In the United Kingdom, Edgcomb is most prevalent in Wales where it is ranked the 1,270th most common surname among the population of 2.9 million.

The earliest records of the surname trace back to the 12th century in which the family was prominent in Gloucestershire, although the family had moved from England to Ireland in the 1600s. The earliest record of the surname in the United States traces back to 1702 in Massachusetts. The Edgcomb family has since been recorded as a part of the early settlements of the colonial regions of the first thirteen American colonies.

Today, the Edgcomb surname is still found throughout the United States and the United Kingdom. It is most strongly represented in the United States within the states of Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, and Illinois and in the United Kingdom within Wales.

Variations of the surname Edgcomb

The surname Edgcomb can take many different spellings and variants, although in its simplest form it is spelt Edgcomb. Common variants include Edgcombe, Edgcorn, Edgcome, Edgecom, Edgecombe, Edgecomb, Edgecorn, Edgecumbe, Edgecumb, Edgecumbe, Edgecumbee, Edgecombes, Edgecumb, Edgecumbes, Edgcumbe, and Edgcumbee.

Interestingly, many of these variants link to Old English words or locations, such as "edge" (meaning "ridge"), "combe" (meaning "valley"), or "corn" (meaning "corner"). It is likely that all of the surname variants have been adapted from the Old English language. It is also possible that the surname could have been derived from place names, such as Edgcote in Oxfordshire, or the hamlet of Edgcombe in Devon.

In addition, there are a few other surnames with potential links to Edgcomb. The surname Eggecombe, for example, is similar in pronunciation and may be derived from the Old English "edge," along with "combe" or "chene" (meaning "oak"). Equally, Edgerton may have originated from the Old English "edge town," and Edgerley from the Old English "edge wood." In the same way, Edgerton, Edgell, Edgeller, Edeller, and Edgerly may all share a common origin with Edgcomb, although the exact connection between these names and Edgcomb is unclear.

Overall, there are numerous variant spellings and surnames that share a potential connection to Edgcomb. It is likely that the name has developed over time, taking different forms as Old English place names and words have been adapted and incorporated into family names.

Famous people with the name Edgcomb

  • Peter Edgcomb: Peter Edgcomb is an American professional wrestler who worked for the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) from 2007 until 2015, when he retired from the sport due to an injury.
  • Roger Edgcomb: Roger Edgcomb is an American professional skier with a medal in the Olympics and world championships.
  • Toni Edgcomb: Toni Edgcomb is an American astrophysicist at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Canada. She has had numerous articles published in well-known astronomy magazines and journals.
  • Hannah Edgcomb: Hannah Edgcomb is an American comedic actress known for her roles in films like The Hangover, The Hangover 2, and Whip It.
  • Joe Edgcomb: Joe Edgcomb is an American singer and songwriter who has achieved success in both country and western music genres. He has performed at numerous live venues across the United States and is a regular artist on the Grand Ole Opry.
  • Adam Edgcomb: Adam Edgcomb is an American professional bodybuilder who has won multiple titles in the sport, including the Arnold Classic.
  • Chad Edgcomb: Chad Edgcomb is an American actor who has had roles in films like Pitch Perfect and White House Down.
  • Shawn Edgcomb: Shawn Edgcomb is an American stock car racing driver who has competed in the NASCAR Winston Cup Series.
  • Catherine Edgcomb: Catherine Edgcomb is an American music producer who has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Justin Timberlake and John Mayer.
  • Alice Edgcomb: Alice Edgcomb is an American politician who served as a state representative from Alaska from 2005 until 2015.

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