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Surname Eisenhawer - Meaning and Origin

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Eisenhawer: What does the surname Eisenhawer mean?

The last name Eisenhawer originated in Germany in the 1300s. It is derived from the Middle High German "isenhauer," which was originally an occupational surname given to someone who worked with iron, specifically someone who specialized in forging. During this time, metalworking was a specialized craft, and the Eisenhauer family was likely the only ones to specialize in forging. Those who bore the surname at this time were likely well-respected craftsmen.

The Eisenhauer family may have been part of the Saxon nation, one of the Germanic tribes that first migrated to the region around the 7th century. The Saxons typically settled in small towns, living in close proximity to nature and the navigable rivers that allowed them to travel and trade. They worked the land, but also specialized in metalworking and inventive engineering. The Eisenhauer family likely became known and respected for their metalworking skills.

With the rise of migration and industrialization, many families with the last name Eisenhauer moved to neighboring countries and then to America in the 1800s. In America, the Eisenhauer name has been carried on and is associated with those who possess excellent skill and a strong work ethic, similar to the values the family held in Germany centuries before.

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Eisenhawer: Where does the name Eisenhawer come from?

The last name Eisenhawer is quite rare today. It is primarily used by descendants of the original Eisenhawers and is mainly found in the United States and Germany.

In the United States, Eisenhawer is primarily found in the Midwestern states, particularly in Wisconsin and Illinois. Wisconsin has a strong German heritage, and early Eisenhawers likely settled in the state in the mid to late 19th century.

In Germany, the Eisenhawer name is mainly found in the states of Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg, and Lower Saxony. This indicates their origins were likely part of the German Empire for centuries before they emigrated to America.

Today, the Eisenhawer name is mainly confined to the descendents of the original Eisenhawer immigrants and to their extended families. It is a small, close-knit community, with many still living in the original settlements of their ancestors. The Eisenhawer legacy will likely continue, since the name is still used in the states of Wisconsin and Germany.

Variations of the surname Eisenhawer

Eisenhawer, Eisenhower, Eishenhower, Eisenhaver, Eishenhaver, and Eisenhower are all variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin.

The Eisenhawer surname derives from the Germanic language and is a geographical name for someone from Eisenau, a settlement in Bavaria, Germany which was recorded as “Eynam” in the 12th century. It is composed of two separate elements “Eisen” meaning “iron” and “Au” meaning “meadow” or “meadowland”, named for the iron ore found in the area at that time.

Eisenhower is a variant of the Eisenhawer surname derived from the Low German pronunciation of the original name. This variant of Eisenhawer has been carried to the United States by immigrants. Though, it is most famously associated with former US President Dwight D. Eisenhower, who himself is descended from German immigrants who came to Pennsylvania in the eighteenth century.

Eishenhower and Eishenhaver are variants of Eisenhower, with the "-en" replacing "-er". This form of the surname is most commonly found in Pennsylvania due to immigration of Germans to this region in the 18th century.

Eisenhaver is a Dutch variant of Eisenhawer, and was likely taken on by immigrants travelling to the US from the Netherlands during the 18th and 19th centuries. The presence of this form of the name in Pennsylvania and other settled regions of the new colonies seems to be an indicator of the widespread influence of the Dutch language throughout these regions.

Famous people with the name Eisenhawer

  • Brigadier General Albert C. Eisenhauer: Former US Army officer and aide-de-camp to General Dwight Eisenhower during World War II.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger: Austrian-American actor, film producer and politician who served two terms as the 38th Governor of California from 2003 to 2011.
  • Elaine Mackenzie-Eisenhauer: Canadian artist and sculptor who is known for her bronze sculptures of prominent Canadian and international figures.
  • Newhall Eisenhauer: American physician and surgeon during The American Civil War.
  • General David A. Eisenhauer: Commander of the American Second Army from June of 1942 until his death in November of 1945.
  • Fritz Eisenhauer: Austrian-American economist and professor of economics at Rutgers University who wrote extensively on the topic of economic development.
  • Dr. Adolph Eisenhauer: German-American physician and pioneer of physical therapy in the early 1900s.
  • Estelle Rumbough-Eisenhauer: American author and speaker, best known for her book, The Living Wisdom, which focuses on the importance of being a balanced and grateful human being.
  • Doris Eisenhauer-Harris: American lawyer, social activist, and founding president of the Women's Law Association of the San Francisco State University.
  • Erich Von Eisenhauer: German World War II Nazi General who was responsible for the implementation of the "Final Solution" as well as the Holocaust.

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