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Surname Ekizian - Meaning and Origin

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Ekizian: What does the surname Ekizian mean?

The last name Ekizian is an Armenian surname that is derived from the word ekiz which means “two swords”. This surname dates back to the 14th century when a family in Armenia chose this name as their own. The name most likely reflects the family’s warrior ancestry and their determination to protect their people and homeland.

The Ekizian surname is also associated with courage and strength. The family is known for being brave, respected, and loyal. They are not afraid to face any challenges that come their way and are willing to stand up for what they believe in. This family is also known to be generous and witty, traits that are prized among the Armenian people.

Today, the Ekizian family has a global presence, with many of them living in the U.S., Russia, Europe, and other countries. They are proud of their heritage and continue to uphold the family’s values, showing respect for their elders and attending traditional Armenian festivals.

Overall, the Ekizian last name is an indication of a strong and proud Armenian family that has stood the test of time. Even though their warriors are long gone, the spirit of their ancestors lives on through their descendants who continue to carry on their legacy.

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Ekizian: Where does the name Ekizian come from?

The last name Ekizian is most commonly found in the Middle East, particularly in former Soviet Central Asia, Turkey, and Armenia. There are also smaller numbers of people with the surname in the United States, Greece, and Iran.

The surname Ekizian is of Armenian origin and is derived from the Armenian ekiz "male tourist". In the past, Armenian travelers roamed the world to sell merchandise. As such, the ekizian surname was often adopted by merchants, traders, and businesspeople as a sign of their profession.

In the United States, the surname Ekizian is more common in states such as California, Massachusetts, Michigan, and New York. This is due to the large number of Armenian immigrants and descendants of Armenian immigrants who settled in the United States after escaping the Armenian genocide in the early 1900s.

In the Middle East, the surname Ekizian is especially common in Iran, due to the large number of Armenian immigrants who moved there in search of economic opportunities and to escape religious and political persecution. It is also common in Armenia, as well as in Turkey, which used to be part of the Ottoman Empire.

Today, the surname Ekizian is still held by Armenian families around the world who have still managed to retain their attachment to their heritage despite the ravages of historical persecution. It can also be found in other countries throughout the globe that provide a safe haven for Armenian refugees as they build a better life elsewhere.

Variations of the surname Ekizian

Ekizian is a surname of Armenian origin and there are a variety of variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. Ekizian is sometimes spelled Ekiẓian, Ekiziyan, Ektopian, Ekizhyan and Ekovian. These variants are derived from the Armenian name ‘Eki’, which means ‘the only one’ or ‘unique’.

The surnames of the same origin as Ekizian include Ekizoglu, Ekizlian, Ekizoglu, Ekizian and Ekiziari. Additionally, the variants and spellings have also been adapted to different languages and locations, including Ekizi, Ekizov, Ekiyan and Eki. These surnames can also be found in different countries, such as Turkey, Iran and Greece.

Ekizian is a relatively rare surname and is usually found among families of Armenian origin. Despite the slight variations, each of these surnames are all ultimately likely to be of Armenian origin and refer to someone who is unique or ‘the only one’.

The same variants and spellings of Ekizian can also be found among Armenian diasporas, as well as in other nations with Armenian populations, such as the United States, Russia and France. As a result, it is likely that the surname Ekizian is shared among many different branches of various Armenian families.

Famous people with the name Ekizian

  • Mher Ekizian: Armenian architect
  • Vahe Ekizian: Armenian military general
  • Dr. Beatrice Ekizian: American ophthalmologist
  • Artur Ekizian: Russian composer and conductor
  • Michael Ekizian: Armenian-American entrepreneur and philanthropist
  • John Ekizian: Armenian-American composer and conductor
  • Manouch Ekizian: Armenian-American fashion designer
  • Kevork Ekizian: Armenian actor
  • Zohrab Ekizian: Armenian diplomat
  • Mika Ekizian: Armenian politician

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