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Surname Elliot - Meaning and Origin

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Discovery of My Roots: Unveiling the Elliot Heritage Through the iGENEA DNA Test

When I discovered the results of my iGENEA DNA test, I was on a journey of exploration into the roots of a rich historical and cultural tapestry associated with the Elliot family name. With origins rooted in the Anglo-Scottish Border region, the name Elliot has a burdensome history intertwined with warriors, statesmen, royal houses, ancient beliefs, and customs. It was like being handed a vibrant, personalized history book offering invaluable insights into the deep-seated roots that make me who I am today.

F. Elliot

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Elliot: What does the surname Elliot mean?

The surname Elliot is an English patronymic name derived from the personal name Eliot, itself derived from the Norman-French given name Elliots, which means ‘The Lord is My God’. This was a popular given name in medieval times, and hence the surname Elliot became widespread among English-speaking countries. This last name is an occupational surname, where the original bearer was likely a vassal, a person under the service of a feudal lord.

The Elliot clan is a Scottish clan that was formed in the Highlands during the 12th century. The clan was associated with Clan Mackintosh and were both called 'Clan Chattan'. The Elliot clan had their own tartan which was dark green and green (royal).

As an occupational surname, Elliot likely referred to someone in a particular trade or profession. It may have been used to indicate a blacksmith, a tanner, or even a halfling. Over time, it has become a popular surname found in many countries.

Today, the name Elliot is more commonly used as a given name than a surname. People who bear the Elliot name are known for their intelligence, wit, originality, and creativity. They are independent and have a strong sense of self. Those with this surname tend to be innovative, able to think outside of the box, and are often trendsetters.

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Elliot: Where does the name Elliot come from?

The last name Elliot is common amongst primarily English speaking countries, particularly throughout the United Kingdom. In Great Britain, Elliot is the 122nd most common last name according to rankings in 2019. Historically, the name has been most common in the northern counties of Scotland and Northumberland. It is still a very popular name in Scotland with 1.17% of the population bearing the surname.

In the United States, Elliot ranks as the 244th most common last name according to the 2018 census. It is particularly common in the New England region of the United States, both in New York and Massachusetts. Data from further shows that Elliot is most popular amongst English, Irish, and Scottish peoples, followed in popularity by German, Dutch, and Polish immigrants.

The surname Elliot has spread to Australia and New Zealand through British migration. Again, it is most common amongst those with English ancestry. In the 2016 census, Elliot was the 574th most common last name in Australia and the 945th in New Zealand.

Overall, Elliot is a very common surname across English speaking countries. It continues to reflect its British roots but can be found today among a diverse range of nationalities.

Variations of the surname Elliot

The Elliot surname is of Scottish, Irish and English origin, and is most common in Great Britain. Variations, alternative spellings and other forms of this surname include Elliot, Elliott, Eliott, Ellot, Elot, Eliott, Ellyot, Elliotts, Elyot, Eliott, Eliott and Eliot.

Elliot or Elliott is derived from the medieval given name Elias, or the English surname Eliot. This name comes from the Hebrew Eliyahu, which means ‘Jehovah is God.’ This surname was first recorded in 1297 in Scotland when Adam filius Eliot was recorded as a witness in Aberdeen.

The Scottish Elliotts were first found in Roxburghshire after 1093 AD. They were descended from a Border family of ancient Norman origin and were later confirmed by King Alexander III of Scotland in 1298. The Irish version of the surname is more closely related to the Gaelic name O'hEilidhe, which translates as ‘descendant of a nobleman’.

Variations of the Elliot or Elliott name can also be found in other countries, such as in France with Elliote, Ellieutre, Eliott, Ellyot, Ellyoute, and Elloye, as well as in Italy, where it appears in many forms, from Elletti to Elioti.

Other variants of Elliot and Elliott include Ellet, Ellott, Ellwood, Elyott, Eillott, Elstant, Ellotson, Eliotson, Elliston, Ellikson, Elliotson, Eiliot, elliut, Ellet and Elliys.

Famous people with the name Elliot

  • Stephen Elliott: American journalist, editor, screenwriter, film director, and producer
  • Sam Elliott: American actor, voice actor and producer
  • Logan Elliott: American figure skater
  • Max Elliott: American professional basketball player
  • Jay Elliott: Scottish footballer
  • Isabelle Fuhrman: American actress and model known as Isabella Elliot
  • Wilfred Elliott: English cricketer
  • John Elliott: American entrepreneur and fashion designer
  • Brooke Elliott: American actress
  • Lucinda Elliot: British actress
  • Eli Elliott: American musician
  • Wilson Elliott: British author
  • Ned Elliott: Australian comedian
  • Tommy Elliott: American professional wrestler
  • Sarah Elliott: Canadian model and actress
  • Jef Elliots: American record producer, songwriter, and arranger
  • Derek Elliott: American director and producer
  • Paul Elliott: English former footballer
  • Sarah Burke Elliott: Canadian ski cross racer
  • Jemma Elliot: British golfer

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