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Surname Elmore - Meaning and Origin

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B. Elmore

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Elmore: What does the surname Elmore mean?

Elmore is an English surname that originated from a place name. It comes from the Old English words "elm" (tree) and "ofre" (meaning riverbank or ridge), suggesting a topographical origin for the bearers of this surname - specifically, it tended to represent individuals who lived by a ridge with elm trees, or river bank with elm trees. Surnames that were derived from place names are among the earliest created, since both natural and man-made features in the landscape provided easily recognizable distinguishing names. Over time, the name may have spread and been adopted by people who migrated or moved from the original location, either for work or other reasons. It is also worth noting that there are a few locations in England named Elmore, such as a parish in the county of Gloucestershire. Hence, the surname could also be traced to these specific locations.

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Elmore: Where does the name Elmore come from?

The last name Elmore is of English origin, specifically derived from a place name. There's a small village in Gloucestershire named Elmore, which is located near the Severn River in the Southwest of England. The name Elmore itself is derived from old English elements "elm" referring to the tree elm, and "ofer" meaning a ridge or bank. So, the name essentially bears the meaning "elm ridge" or "bank where elms grow".

Today, the surname Elmore is most common in the United States. According to the 2014 Census data, there were over 17,000 individuals with the last name Elmore in the U.S. Some concentration of the name can also be found in England. It's not as frequently seen in other parts of the world. It is indeed a rare surname, ranked outside the top 1000 in most countries.

Variations of the surname Elmore

The surname Elmore traces its roots to medieval England. It is a locational surname, meaning it was often given to individuals based on their geographical position, particularly if they moved from their birthplace. From English origin, Elmore is derived from an Old English given name, Aethelmaer, which means “noble and famous”.

Alternative spellings and variations of Elmore over centuries and in different regions include Elmer, Elmour, Elmera, Elmorey, Elmorie, Elmyre and Ellmore. Some families, particularly those who immigrated to other countries, may have altered the spelling or pronunciation of Elmore to better fit their new culture and language, adding more variations to the surname.

In terms of related surnames of Elmore, it's hard to ascertain without specific genealogical research. Surnames can diversify greatly over time and depend on geographic areas, intermarriage, translations, and more. Consequent names could be based on a patriarchal/matriarchal naming system, profession, or even personal characteristics. However, typical surname connections most often occur from shared geographic locations or shared root names, as seen with Elmer and Elmour.

Famous people with the name Elmore

  • Elmore James: An American blues guitarist, songwriter and singer known as "King of the Slide Guitar".
  • Larry Elmore: A prominent fantasy illustrator who worked on games such as Dungeons & Dragons.
  • Elmore Leonard: A popular American novelist and screenwriter known for his crime novels and westerns.
  • Ryan Elmore: An American basketball coach.
  • Kayla Elmore: A judge in the Ohio Court of Appeals.
  • Jay Elmore: A prominent law professor at the University of Virginia.
  • Theodore J. Elmore: A bishop of the United Methodist Church.
  • Jon Elmore: An American professional basketball player.
  • James T. Elmore: An American politician from Idaho who served as a United States Senator.
  • Daniel Elmore: An American film and television producer.
  • Ralph Elmore: An American Football player.
  • Lizzie Ida Elmore: An American physician and medical writer.
  • Frank Elmore: An Australian politician who served in the Victorian Legislative Assembly.
  • Sherman L. Elmore: United States Air Force brigadier general. Note: Please ensure these names are accurate and relevant according to your context as some of these people may not be widely recognized as "famous".

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