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Surname Elswick - Meaning and Origin

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Elswick: What does the surname Elswick mean?

The surname Elswick is of British origin, specifically from the region of Northumbria which is situated in the northeast of England. The name is thought to have been derived from Elton or Ellesworth which was an area of the former Northumbrian kingdom, with Elswick being the name of a local manor or estate.

The Elswick surname is typically found in England, Scotland and a few other countries, including the United States. It is not an especially common surname, however the name does date back to the 12th century and appears in records from regions including Northumberland, Yorkshire and Lancashire.

Elswick is not simply a place name, but a term that conveys a deeper meaning of prestige and importance. As an old English estate located within an ancient kingdom, it symbolizes the attainment of high hereditary social standing and a respect for those with a long family history in the area.

Elswick is now an area of New Scotland and is named in honor of the family whose surname bears the same name. The Elswick family is an on-going part of public and private history in the region and is a reminder of the heritage and legacy that the family embodies.

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Elswick: Where does the name Elswick come from?

The last name Elswick is most commonly seen in the United Kingdom and Australia. It is believed to have originated in England, where it is still prevalent today.

The name Elswick is found mainly across the northwest of England from Yorkshire, Lancashire and over to Cheshire; also concentrated in Scotland, particularly in the north-east, in Aberdeenshire and East Lothian. It is also found in central and southern England, though to a lesser degree.

In Australia, there is a concentration in the states of New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, and Western Australia, though it is present across all of the states. The name is found throughout the larger cities, as well as many coastal areas.

In the United States, Elswick is a relatively uncommon name. It is, however, present in small numbers throughout the states of Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, California, Washington, Florida, and New Jersey.

Overall, Elswick is found mainly in the UK and Australia, with smaller concentrations across the United States. It remains fairly rare and is not found in significant numbers throughout any single state.

Variations of the surname Elswick

The surname Elswick is thought to have origins in England and have been in existence since the 11th century. It is derived from the Old English language and is derived from the words "elfe" which means elf or fairy and "wic", which means a dwelling, settlement or trading place. As such, the original meaning behind the surname Elswick was "elf-dwelling".

Variations of the surname Elswick include Elfwick, Ellswic, Elswicke, Elsewyk, Elswycks, Elswick, Elsick, Ilswick and Elsick. Spellings of Elswick can also include Elcestoft, Elcrug, Elsith, Elsheig and Eltheig. Crug was an Old English term referring to a hill or a piece of raised land often used as a place where people gathered. Surnames with similar origins to Elswick may include Sargent, Shipton, Bywater, Hallowee, Eller and Fell.

Elswick has often been confused with other English surnames such as Elgwick, Ellwood and Elwood, though they do not originate from the same source. Many families with the last name Elswick can still be found in England today and the surname is commonly seen in reference to places called Elswick in Northumberland and Lancashire. It is also a very common surname in the United States, where it was brought to the country by emigrants during the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.

Famous people with the name Elswick

  • Luke Elswick: Singer/Songwriter and musician from North Carolina.
  • Jennifer Elswick: Former political aide in the White House under President Barack Obama.
  • Tyler Elswick: Professional baseball player for the Arizona Diamondbacks.
  • Kaylee Elswick: Professional ballet dancer.
  • Ashley Elswick: Curator and art historian.
  • Trey Elswick: Radio DJ and Host of Trey in the Morning radio show.
  • Jane Elswick: Award-winning novelist.
  • Lawrence Elswick: Commercial airline pilot.
  • Marty Elswick: Professional Wakeboarder and water sports champion.
  • Howard Elswick: Entrepreneur and founder of the Elswick business empire.

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