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Surname Ermis - Meaning and Origin

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Ermis: What does the surname Ermis mean?

The last name Ermis is of Greek origin, with roots likely tracing back to Ancient Greece. The meaning of the name is believed to be either figuratively, representing the god Hermes, or literally, "child of Hermes". The god Hermes is the messenger god of Greek mythology, often depicted with winged feet and wings on his helmet. He is a messenger between the gods and mortals, and is often associated with divine intervention, trade, support, and commerce.

Ermis was likely a common name among the Greek people, as evidenced by its frequency today. As Greeks began to migrate around the world, the last name Ermis followed, eventually making its way to Europe, the United States, and other countries around the world. Today, people with the last name Ermis can be found living in many countries around the globe.

Ermis has also come to represent qualities such as intelligence, charm, wit, and lucky breaks. This is in keeping with Hermes' role in Greek mythology, showing that the spirit of the god lives on in people who bear the name Ermis. It is also said that those of the Ermis line have a special affinity for entrepreneurship and business.

In conclusion, the last name Ermis is rooted in Ancient Greece, and has come to represent qualities of intelligence, charm, wit, luckiness, and entrepreneurial drive. Furthermore, it has travelled around the world and is now represented in many different countries.

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Ermis: Where does the name Ermis come from?

The last name Ermis is most commonly found in Greece, where it originated. The name can be written as Ερμης in Greek and is derived from the Greek word for “trade” or “merchandise”. This places its roots in ancient Greek culture and may have been used to describe merchants or traders in the past.

Today, the last name Ermis is particularly common in the Greek Islands, as well as the western side of the country. It is also found in parts of Southern Italy, where many Greek immigrants settled during the twentieth century.

In the United States, Ermis is most heavily concentrated in states with large Greek American populations, such as California, Massachusetts, and New York. There are also many Ermis living throughout the rest of the country, although their numbers are smaller.

The Ermis name is gaining traction around the world, indicating that people with this last name are now living in many different countries. In recent years, it has become increasingly more common to find individuals with the last name Ermis living in places as far away as Canada, Australia, and countries in Europe and Asia.

It is safe to say that the last name Ermis is not only common in Greece, but has become increasingly widespread around the world.

Variations of the surname Ermis

Ermis is a surname of Greek origin, derived from Hermes. Variations of Ermis include Emery, Ermis, Erme, Emeris, Ermie, Ermis, Ermes, Ermesa, and Ehrmeyer.

The spelling Emery originates from Old French based on the Latin for ‘work’ or ‘labour’, which was likely adopted by some Ermis families as a reference to their ancestor's hard working nature. It is thought that other spellings and surnames derived from Ermis are more recent than this; the more complicated spellings are thought to have developed from a desire by families to have a unique spelling during the late 18th or early 19th centuries.

Surnames deriving from Ermis also include Emerick, Emeryck, Imery, Imrie, Immery, and Imbrie. These spellings originated from Germanic sources and their etymology is typically connected to the German word for 'woodland'.

Furthermore, the Irish form of Ermis is Eramosa, which is an anglicized version of the Gaelic name O’Fearfasa. This Gaelic form can also be spelled O’Fersa, O’Fearasa, and O’Ferrasa, depending on the dialect.

Lastly, the surname Armistead is thought to be derived from the Ermis surname, having been adapted following immigration to the United States from Europe; Armistead is thought to have evolved from the German and French variations of Ermis.

Famous people with the name Ermis

  • Marc Ermis: Greek-American bodybuilder
  • Tom Ermis: Dutch actor
  • Eric Ermis: Master of Creative Writing from New York
  • Joe Ermis: Australian Art Director
  • Christian Ermis: CEO of Linxens Group
  • Adrian Ermis: Romanian professional footballer
  • Olga Ermis: Greek writer and actress
  • Klaus Ermis: German photographer
  • Nick Ermis: American hip-hop artist
  • MJ Ermis: American composer and music producer

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