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Surname Ernsting - Meaning and Origin

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Ernsting: What does the surname Ernsting mean?

The last name Ernsting is of Germanic origin. It can be found in both Germany and the Netherlands, and it's a variant of the name Ernst. The root of Ernsting, 'ernst', derives from the Old High German words eornost (truth) or erenost (honor). This has led scholars to the conclusion that Ernsting was originally a nickname for someone who was honest and honorable.

The name Ernsting was first recorded in the 13th century in what is now North Germany and the Netherlands. Over time, the name spread to other parts of Europe including the Czech Republic, Denmark, and Italy.

In German, the etymology of Ernsting is "ernstlich," which is an adjective meaning serious or earnest. The surname emphasizes the importance of maintaining integrity and honor in all aspects of life. It may refer to those who are rational and prudent or to those who show courage and determination no matter the odds.

The name Ernsting is still widely used in Germany and the Netherlands today. It has been popularized, however, by public figures such as the German politician Ernsting, a member of the European Parliament. Ernsting is also the name of a chain of clothing stores based in Germany. The name has become an emblem of integrity, honesty, and determination.

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Ernsting: Where does the name Ernsting come from?

Ernsting is a German surname and currently is most common in Germany. According to records from genealogical websites, the surname appears in Germany, Luxembourg, the Czech Republic, Denmark, the Netherlands, Austria, and parts of Poland. It is also quite common in the United States, Canada, and South Africa, but to a lesser extent than in Germany.

Although the exact origin of the name is unknown, some records indicate that it might originate from the Middle Ages, when surnames were derived from place names, occupations or nicknames. The name is composed of two words, "Ernst" which means serious, and "ing", which indicates an adherent or follower of a person with the given name Ernest. As such, the surname Ernsting might have been derived from the given name Ernest, signalling that the original bearer was a follower of Ernest.

Nowadays, many people with the surname Ernsting are descendants of German settlers, with most of them still living in Germany, but with some also living in other countries, including the United States, Canada and South Africa. In recent years, some Ernsting family members have migrated to other countries such as Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

In summary, the surname is common in many places, and it is believed to have originated in the Middle Ages. Today, many people with the surname Ernsting are descendants of German settlers and are mainly located in Germany, the United States, Canada, South Africa and other countries with significant German populations.

Variations of the surname Ernsting

The surname Ernsting is of German origin and has remained relatively unchanged. The surname can also be spelled as Ernsing, appearing in records since the 14th century. The variants of the surname Ernsting are Ernsen, Ernst, Ernest, Ernes, and Ernzen.

The surname Ernsting is derived from the personal name Ernst, which has the German meaning “serious” and “sincere”. It is a popular name in Germany, and a variety of names derived from it have been used as surnames, such as Ernser, Ernsen, Ernsten, and Ernzing.

The spelling was likely changed due to Dutch and other foreign accentuations in the Middle Ages. German-speaking areas were politically divided and many people moved abroad, changing the spelling of their surname to compensate. Minor variations have occurred over time due to dialectical pronunciation, such as Ernsing, Ernsen, and Ernzen.

Variants of Ernsting are found throughout the world, indicating that it has been a widely dispersed surname. German immigrants brought the surname to the United States. Ernsing is also common in the Netherlands, indicating that many Dutch families also changed their surname from Ernest to Ernsing.

Despite some spelling variation, the origin of the name Ernsting remains the same. The meaning of the name Ernsting remains the same regardless of spelling: “serious” and “sincere”.

Famous people with the name Ernsting

  • Andreas Ernsting, retired German professional football coach and player.
  • Fred Ernsting, French artist.
  • Caroline Ernesting, Dutch children's rights activist.
  • Richard Ernsting, contemporary German film director.
  • Manon Ernsting, French illustrator and performer.
  • Gerhard Ernsting, German botanist.
  • Anna Ernsting, retired German ice skater.
  • Bernd Ernsting, former First Deputy District Mayor in East Berlin.
  • Friedemann Ernsting, Professor at the Department of Medicine, University of Dundee.
  • Erika Ernsting, German voice actress.
  • Ursula Ernsting, Olympic volleyball player from the Netherlands.
  • Emily Ernsting, Australian female runner.
  • George Ernsting, German soldier who served in World War II.
  • Maria Ernsting, former East German swimmer.
  • Gengo Ernsting, author of the book The Mind of a Survivor: The Dynamics of Adaptation and Change in Extreme Situations.
  • David Ernsting, artist and curator from the United States.
  • Markus Ernsting, German bassoonist and conductor.
  • Andrea Ernsting-Krienke, German actress and voice actress.
  • Michael Ernsting, contemporary German videogame designer.
  • Volker Ernsting, contemporary German television and film actor.

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