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Surname Esarey - Meaning and Origin

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Esarey: What does the surname Esarey mean?

The surname Esarey is of French origin, derived from the old French words "es" and "rei," meaning "king." It was likely used as a nickname for a person who either behaved in a regal manner or maybe worked in a royal household. Like many surnames, this would have started as a term for characterization or an occupation attributed to a particular person and then passed down through generations. Another interpretation might be that it comes from "Esrey," a place in northeastern France. The spelling variations for this surname include Essery, Ecery, and Essarey. It's important to note that surname origins can be difficult to trace with absolute certainty because they usually evolved over centuries and were influenced by many factors, including regional dialects and handwriting variations. The original meanings and hypotheses about the surname’s transformation can get lost over time. The surname Esarey can be found among French immigrants in various countries including the United States. Thus, the exact meaning of the surname Esarey might vary among different families with this surname.

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Esarey: Where does the name Esarey come from?

The last name Esarey is most commonly found in the United States today. There is a higher concentration of the surname in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and the surrounding Midwestern states. In the United States, the surname is most likely of Anglo-Saxon origin, originating in the Eastern counties of England. This is due to the fact that the surname was brought to the US from England around the mid 1700s, with an influx of settlers from England to the country at that time.

In the United States, the surname Esarey is found primarily in the east of the country, primarily in states stretching from Virginia to Illinois. While this surname doesn't appear in the U.S. census, it is found in public record databases such as city directories, marriage records, and civil registration. As of the current year 2020, Esarey is the 10,595th most popular name in the U.S., with fewer than 2,000 people in the country bearing the surname.

Outside the United States, Esarey is also a common surname in the United Kingdom, especially South Yorkshire where it is the 717th most popular name. Additionally, Esarey is common in small pockets in other European countries, such as France and Belgium.

Variations of the surname Esarey

The Esarey surname has several variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin.

Esarey is a recognised variant spelling of the surname Esrey, which originates from the Old English words esse meaning ‘large’ and rei or rey meaning ‘king’. The surname Esrey could have been given to someone who lived in a large royal household and was therefore ‘kingly’ in nature.

The surname Esrey can also be found as Essery, Essroy, Essray, Essary, and Isray. These variants have all arisen from generational migrations and misspellings of the original surname.

Other surnames of the same origin – though not variants of Esarey – include Esser, Esseray, Isray, and Essra. All of these surnames originate from the same words in Old English and have the same meaning.

Finally, other surnames can be found that sound similar to Esarey but are not of the same origin. These include Esser, Esseray, Essray, Essre, and Essrig. These surnames all sound similar but have different origins and meanings. For example, Esser is derived from the word esse, meaning ‘oak’, and Esseray is derived from the word essor, meaning ‘to go forth’.

In conclusion, the Esarey surname has several variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin, as well as similar sounding surnames. All of these surnames have their own individual meanings and histories, and can be traced back to their common Old English roots.

Famous people with the name Esarey

  • Aaron Esarey: An American entomologist and ornithologist from Indiana.
  • Andy Esarey: An American musician who has contributed to many albums, most notably on bass with doom metal and sludge bands.
  • Arthur Cecil Esarey: An American historian and professor of history at Indiana University.
  • C. Madge Esarey: An American lawyer who was the first woman admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of the United States.
  • David Esarey: An American director, producer and editor.
  • Howard Esarey: An American news correspondent who was the first head of CBS News in Los Angeles.
  • J. Tevis Esarey: An American physicist and university administrator who became a vice-president of University of Minnesota.
  • Jeff Esarey: An American cinematographer and director in the documentary and feature film industry.
  • Julian Esarey: An American painter and commercial artist.
  • Lynn Esarey: An American college professor and director of the honors projects program at Indiana University.
  • Melinda Esarey: An American artist and author specializing in small works with paper, canvas, and cloth.
  • Raymond Esarey: An American lawyer and real estate agent in the Chicago area.
  • Scott Esarey: An American ice hockey player.
  • Steve Esarey: An American basketball coach.
  • Warren Esarey: An American composer whose works have been featured by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.

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