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Surname Esquier - Meaning and Origin

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Esquier: What does the surname Esquier mean?

The surname Esquier is of French origin and it translates to "squire" in English. In medieval times, a squire was a young man of noble birth who served as an attendant to a knight before reaching the rank of knighthood himself. This implies that the family with this surname may have a history associated with medieval pageantry or chivalry. However, surnames often evolved based on occupation, geographical area, or descriptive nickname and it may or may not always precisely indicate an ancestor's profession or status. As surnames can change significantly over time and can also be influenced by migrations, marriages, and other social factors, it is challenging to determine the exact meaning without a detailed genealogical study.

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Esquier: Where does the name Esquier come from?

The last name Esquier is believed to originate from southwestern France. The exact location on its origin is unclear, though it is known that it first appeared in the early Middle Ages. Today, Esquier is most common in Southwest France, specifically in the Midi-Pyrénées department. It is also found in other French-speaking countries, such as Belgium, Switzerland, Canada and in some parts of the United States. In total, about 11,000 people in the world bear this the surname.

Due to the French origin of the surname, the spelling of the name can vary depending on the language of the country where the name is found. For example, in French it may be spelled Esquier, Escar, de l'Escarre, or de l'Escarre. In Spanish, it is spelled Escarez. In United States, Esquier may be found with the spelling esquire.

The name Esquier may be found in different types of occupations and professions, one being a a knight in service of a lord, also known as a squire. As a result, the surname Esquier is more commonly found among the middle as well as the upper classes of society.

All in all, the surname Esquier is most commonly associated with Southwest France, with many variants found in other French-speaking countries, and in some parts of the United States. It is believed to have originated in the early Middle Ages and is found among the middle and upper classes of society.

Variations of the surname Esquier

Esquier is an old and uncommon French surname and it can be spelled in various ways. Modern variations of the name Esquier include Asquier, Asqueir, Eskeer, Esquere, Esquire, EssQure, AsKeir, Esqurre and Esqur.

The variants and spellings of Esquier can also be correlated to other surnames that have the same origin. These surnames include Asque, Ascher, Ayscough, AyersQ, Aafjes, AzouK, Aissi, Esaki, EasQe and Ayscue.

These alternatives of the surname Esquier come from the Latin word "scutarius", which is a reference to somebody who held a shield in the past. This derives from the Italian word for shield - scudo-and the French word for shield-ecuyer. This etymology would tie in with other similar surnames, such as Shield, Escudo and Escutia. As well as the surname originating from a person who held a shield, it could also mean a person of noble rank. It is likely that the Armorial 'bearings' of Esquier would have presented a shield as part of the design.

Esquier is an uncommon name today, but its various spellings and variants are still used around the world. It holds a distinct French origin, and can be traced back to the Middle Ages.

Famous people with the name Esquier

  • Alexa Esquier Doig, Canadian actress who has appeared in significant roles in well-known TV shows such as The X-Files, The Originals, and Supernatural.
  • Roberto Escalera Esquier, a former Cuban basketball player who played for the Cuba national basketball team from 1980-1992.
  • Carmen Esquier-Pérez, a Spanish journalist and author who has written a number of books.
  • Iván Esquier-López, a Spanish footballer who has played in La Liga, the Spanish top flight division.
  • Maribel Esquier, a Spanish actress, model and TV presenter, best known for hosting various TV programs on Spanish television.
  • José Díaz Esquier, a Cuban sculptor and visual artist who has held numerous solo exhibitions.
  • René Vizcaíno Esquier, a Spanish architect, industrial designer and professor who is widely known for his award-winning designs.
  • José Luis Esquier Remedios, a Spanish businessman and entrepreneur.
  • Juan Martín Esquier-Carrasco, a Spanish actor, playwright and director.
  • Juan Maria Esquier y Planes, a Spanish politician who served as Minister of Foreign Affairs between 1927 and 1931.

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