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Surname Estall - Meaning and Origin

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Estall: What does the surname Estall mean?

The surname Estall is of Anglo-Saxon origin and is found predominantly in England. From a wider perspective, the name originates from the Old French word esteahl, meaning "metal, iron".

However, from an English perspective, the name has two possible origins. The first possibility is that it is a topographical name referring to someone who lived by a metal stronghold, or a sighting post. In this context, the metal post would have kept track of traffic in and out of a boundary, or been part of a signaling system.

The other possibility is that Estall is a habitational name originating in the village of Estall in the county of Oxfordshire. This is likely, as Estall is found mostly among the villagers of Oxfordshire.

In the modern day, the surname Estall is relatively uncommon. Nevertheless, bearers of the name hold a rich history and intriguing past. In summary, the surname Estall is likely a topographical or habitational name, originating in Oxfordshire.

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Estall: Where does the name Estall come from?

The last name Estall is most commonly found in the United Kingdom, specifically in England and Scotland. In England, the West Midlands counties of Herefordshire and Worcestershire have been known for having a higher prevalence of Estall as a last name. In Scotland, the surname is most commonly found in the counties of Wigtownshire, Ayrshire, and Berwickshire.

Outside of the British Isles, Estall is a relatively uncommon surname. It has, however, been documented as far south as Florence in Italy and as far north as Berlin in Germany. The name Estall can occasionally be found throughout Canada, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand.

Estall is believed to have originated as a patronymic last name. It is derived from the personal name of either 'Estold' or 'Eastald'. Very few variants on the spelling exist, with the most common being Estole, Estall, and Estoll. Although documented prior to the 1800s, the first recorded spelling of the surname Estall was in 1879 in London, England.

Variations of the surname Estall

The surname Estall is a surname of ancient English derivation. It is derived from the Old English word 'esta', meaning 'swift', or 'lively', and the Old English suffix '-hal', meaning 'at the nook'. The surname Estall is thought to originate from places in England, such as 'Esthalle' or 'Easthale' in the counties of Norfolk, Somerset, Devon and Devon.

The variants, spellings and other surnames of the same origin are as follows: Eastall, Estal, Estol, Essell, Estall, Easton, Estill, Estow, Easter, Estal, Estall, Esthall, Estburn, Estwell, Eastwell, Esthall, Easthill, Eastwall, Estwall and Estill.

Over time, due to dialectal differences and regional variations in spelling, it is possible to come across variants and other surnames which are spelled slightly differently. For example, Estoll, Estull, Estulles and Estwle are all variants of the Estall surname. Similarly, Estley, Estles, Estuls, Estal, Estell and Estot are derivative of Estall.

Other surnames that are derived from the same root but spelled differently include Estal, Estyll, Estaler, Estalon, Estell, Estle, Estill, Estil and Eastley. These surnames may also be identified as variants of the Estall surname and they are likely to be found among people with the surname Estall.

Finally, some surnames such as Estell, Estal, Estle, Estol, Estow, Eastall, and Estell are derived from other Old English surnames, but they share the same root as Estall.

Famous people with the name Estall

  • Sir Edward Estall (1890–1973): British World War I flying ace
  • Robert Estall: English film-maker
  • Arthur Estall (1886-1954): British artist and author
  • David Estall (1927-2010): British actor
  • Captain Richard Estall: one of the early British settlers in New Zealand
  • Lloyd Estall (1872-1932): English-born organist and composer
  • E.J. Estall (1882-1972): British author
  • Adrian Estall (born 1965): British actor and screenwriter
  • Isaiah Estall (1787-1867): English industrialist and Lord Mayor of London in 1857
  • Charles Estall (1827-1899): English architect

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