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Surname Faassen - Meaning and Origin

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Faassen: What does the surname Faassen mean?

The last name Faassen is of Dutch origin, derived from the Dutch word for fox, "vos". It is thought to have originally been a nickname which was then adopted as a surname, and was probably given to someone thought to resemble a fox in some way, such as a particularly sly person or an individual with ruddy hair.

The surname Faassen is found mainly in regions with large Dutch populations, such as in the Netherlands and the United States. It may have also spread to other countries such as Tasmania in Australia, where records show it is present. In its anglicized form, the surname has undergone a few variations depending on where it is found. These include Fasson, Faessen, Foschi, Vasson, and Fossen.

The earliest records of the Faassen name date back to 1230, when Thomas dictus Vos was recorded in the Meertens Instituut archives, suggesting that the surname has been in use for at least 890 years. Some branches of the Faassen family have been traced back to nobility, with one family member even marrying a Princess of the Count of Flanders in the late fourteenth century.

The Faassen surname continues to carry a sense of slyness and craftiness, making it an interesting and unique last name to hold to this day.

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Faassen: Where does the name Faassen come from?

The last name Faassen is most commonly found in the Netherlands, particularly in the northern and eastern regions. It is also found in some other countries, such as Belgium, Germany, and the United States.

In the Netherlands, the Faassen name is quite common, originating from the Netherlands' southern provinces in particular. The name is thought to have derived from the Dutch word 'fas', meaning 'cloak'. As such, the family's coat of arms is often shown with a man wearing a cloak.

In the United States, the Faassen name is more rare, especially compared to how common it is in the Netherlands. The earliest known U.S. ancestor was Johannes Faasen, who arrived in New York in the mid-1800s. Later generations of the family settling in states such as Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and California.

Today, the Faassen name remains a common name in the Netherlands, with over 23,000 people possessing the surname. Meanwhile, in the United States, there are only around 1,000 people with the Faassen last name. Regardless, the legacy of the Faassen name lives on through its many descendants in all the places where the name is represented.

Variations of the surname Faassen

Faassen is a German surname derived from the German given name Faso, a diminutive of Frideric. Variations of the name include Faessen, Faessen, Fassen, Fassen, Fassen, Fassen, Fasen, Fessen, Fass, and Fas, as well as variations in spelling, such as Fasson, Fassen, Fassan, Fassen, Fasson, Fason, Fassen, Feassen, and Faasen. The name is believed to have originated in the Middle Ages, when many people in Northern Germany adopted Facso as their surname.

The surname Faassen is also found in other countries, including the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and the United States. In the Netherlands, the Faassen surname is almost exclusively found in the Dutch province of Noord-Brabant, with some in the Dutch province of Zeeland. In Belgium, the Faassen surname is mostly found in the Liege region. In France, many people with the Faassen surname are believed to have been Huguenots, who were persecuted in their home country and fled to France in the 16th century.

In the United States, the Faassen surname is most commonly found in Pennsylvania, where many German immigrants settled in the 1700s. It is also found in California, Illinois, and other states, as well as Canada.

Variations of the surname Faassen include Fasson, Fasen, Fasse, Fassen, Fasen, Fessen, Fass, Fasson, Fassen, Feassen, and Faasen. Many alternative spellings are found, such as Fasson, Fassen, Fassan, Fassen, Fasson, Fason, Fassen, Feassen, and Faasen. Overall, the surname Faassen is found in many countries, as well as many different variants and alternative spellings.

Famous people with the name Faassen

  • Wybe Faassen: Dutch physicist and mathematician involved with subatomic particle physics and thermodynamics
  • Marleen Faassen: Dutch volleyball player
  • Mette Faassen: Dutch Paralympic athlete
  • Rob Faassen: Dutch swimmer known for winning multiple gold medals
  • Tim Faassen: Dutch soccer player best known for his time with MSV Duisburg
  • Roel Faassen: Dutch footballer who has spent most of his career playing for the Eredivisie
  • Ischa Faassen: Dutch businessman, banker, and former board member at various Dutch media companies
  • Roman Faassen: Dutch entrepreneur and former CEO of the software vendor Versatel
  • Raymond Faassen: Dutch professional snowboarder
  • Bram Faassen: Dutch former professional football player and manager

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