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Surname Fabers - Meaning and Origin

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Fabers: What does the surname Fabers mean?

The last name Fabers is believed to be of Germanic origin, and is derived from the Old or Middle High German word ‘faber’, meaning smith or worker in iron. In early records, ‘Faber’ also referred to a blacksmith, a tinsmith, a silversmith, an armorer, and a carpenter. As these professions were highly valued, the name Faber was also viewed highly and so was used as a surname.

The name Faber appears to have been established in the German-speaking lands of Europe from an early period of history, and areas of Germany, Holland, and Belgium are known to be the places of its earliest appearance. During the sixteenth century, many of these surnames spread to different parts of Europe including England. During this period, some German families were forced to migrate to other parts of Europe and even elsewhere in the world, due to religious and political upheaval.

Today, the Faber name is found all around the globe, as numerous branches of the original family have spread. It has become a common surname in many countries and now it is thought that the surname could be associated with all sorts of professions and trades that are not necessarily linked to metal or metalworking. There is another version of the name Faber which originates from the Latin word 'faber' meaning 'craftsman', and is commonly found in Britain, ensuring its continuity throughout the centuries.

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Fabers: Where does the name Fabers come from?

The last name Fabers is most commonly found in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium today. It is one of the most common surnames in these countries, starting around the 14th century. It derives from the Latin word "faber" which means "artisan, builder or smith".

The surname Fabers is present in all of Germany's 16 states, mainly in the west and south, where it is very popular. In the Netherlands, the first records of the name date back to the 16th century, when Jan Faber was living in Gouda in 1555, and it is nowadays found in the provinces of North Holland, South Holland and Gelderland. In Belgium, it is most common in East Flanders, the western part of the country.

The name is also present in Austria, especially in the Vorarlberg region and in the Czech Republic it reached its peak in the 19th century, but with very low numbers since then. Historically, the name can also be found in France, Poland, Hungary and even in some places in the UK.

A part from the Germanic countries, emigrants with the last name Fabers can be found in various locations across the World, especially in the Americas, mainly in the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Mexico and Peru. In Australia, the Fabers are mainly descendants of German and Dutch immigrants.

Variations of the surname Fabers

The most common variant spellings and surnames of the same origin for the surname Fabers are Faber, Fabri, Fabrizzi, Fabroni, Fabros, Fabry, Fabbri, and Fabrycz. The surname Fabers, along with its variants, is primarily found in the Germanic countries of Austria, Germany, and Switzerland, as well as in countries in which German-speaking inhabitants have migrated. The surname Fabers is derived from the Latin cognomen Faber, which was used to designate a person who was a craftsman or artisan.

Other common derivations of the surname Fabers include the ancient Germanic personal name Faber, which was composed of the elements 'fabri' meaning craftsman and 'beraht' meaning bright. This name was then adopted into various languages, including Old French, Middle English, Old Provençal, Old Spanish, Danish and Swedish. The name could also have derived from the Latin place-name Fabriano, which created the patronymic Italian surname 'Fabbri', meaning those originating from Fabriano.

The surname Fabers is found most commonly in Germany, where it is the 817th most common surname, accounting for 0.004% of the population. It is also common in Austria, where it is ranked 3808th, accounting for 0.002% of the population. In 2007, it was ranked as the 1778th most common surname in the United States, accounting for 0.001% of the population.

Famous people with the name Fabers

  • Nathan Faber: an entrepreneur and founder of two software companies, BizMedia and Lemonada
  • Chris Faber: a British actor and stuntman, best known for his work in Marvel's Cinematic Universe films
  • Jamie Faber: an English television actor, best known for his portrayal of Dr. Peter Grant in the BBC drama series Dr. Finlay's Casebook
  • Jeffrey Faber: an American actor, comedian, writer, and producer, best known for his work on Saturday Night Live and the film Hot Tub Time Machine
  • Justin Faber: an Canadian actor, known for his roles in What We Do in the Shadows and Numbers
  • Mal Faber: a British producer, composer, and engineering technician, best known for his work on the Sky One series Stella
  • Anthony Faber: a Dutch footballer, currently playing for Ajax Amsterdam
  • Luis Faber: an Argentinian international footballer, currently playing for La Liga side Córdoba CF
  • Rob Faber: a Dutch professional footballer, currently playing for PEC Zwolle
  • Elmar Faber: a German former football player, who played for Bayer Leverkusen and Werder Bremen, and is currently the manager of VfL Wolfsburg

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