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Surname Fabrizia - Meaning and Origin

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Fabrizia: What does the surname Fabrizia mean?

Fabrizia is an Italian name. As a surname, its meanings aren't as clear, as surnames often have origins in occupations, location, or familial relations. However, as a first name, Fabrizia is the feminine form of Fabrizio, which means "craftsman" or "blacksmith" in Italian. It is derived from the Latin name Fabricius, which has connections to "faber," the Latin word for "craftsman" or "worker." The name embodies qualities of craftsmanship, creativity, and diligence. However, it's important to note that meanings can change based on cultural and family interpretations.

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Fabrizia: Where does the name Fabrizia come from?

The last name Fabrizia is relatively uncommon, although it is found all over the world. It is most commonly found in the Italian-speaking regions of Europe, particularly in the south. In Italy, this name is common in regions like Sicily, the Campagna, Lazio, Abruzzo. In was also widely spread in Switzerland and Austria.

Outside of Europe, Fabrizia has a presence in some parts of South America, specifically in Argentina and Venezuela. It is also found in the United States, particularly in California, New Jersey and New York, as well as in Canada, mainly in Ontario.

The origins of this last name are unknown, although some sources suggest that it derives from the ancient Latin name Fabricius. It has been used as a first or last name for hundreds of years, although its modern usage is relatively rare.

Variations of the surname Fabrizia

The family surname Fabrizia is Italian in origin and can be seen in different forms and spellings. (1) It is mainly used in Italian speaking countries, such as Italy, Switzerland, and Austria. (2) The most common form of the surname is Fabrizio, which is sometimes spelled as Fabrizi, Fabrizio, Fabriz, or Fabrizius. (3) In addition, the name is occasionally used as a first name, with spellings such as Fabrizio and Fabrizia. (4) The surname is also found in other countries such as Germany, where it is spelled as Fabris or Fabriss. (5) Fabrizi is another Italian spelling variation of this name.

In Italian, the surname Fabrizia is sometimes written as Fabrizii and Fabrizzii. (6) Other variants include Fabrizius, Fabrisi, and Fabrisio. (7) In the United States, the name has commonly been Americanized to Fabrizio. (8) In Spanish-speaking countries, the surname Fabrizia is often written as Fabrizio, Fabriz or Fabrizius. (9) Other variations of this name found in other countries include Fábregas in Portugal, Fabritius in Scandinavia, and Fabryzius in Poland.

In the United Kingdom, the surname Fabrizia is commonly seen in the variant forms Faberzio, Faberzi, and Faberzii. (10) It is also sometimes written as Faberge and Faberges. (11) This surname is also linked to several other surnames, including Fabbri, Fabbrizio, and Fabretti, which all have similar meanings. (12) Finally, the surname Fabrizia has been assumed by some branches of the Faber family, which is a prominent French surname.

Famous people with the name Fabrizia

  • John Fabrizio: Actor who has appeared in several movies, including Meet the Fockers, Akeelah and the Bee, and Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium.
  • Marco Fabrizio: Professional basketball player who played for Italian team Reyer Venezia.
  • Tina Fabrizio: Businesswoman based in London, UK, and a leading figure in the fashion industry.
  • Rick Fabrizio: Director of strategy and business development at G.H. Bass & Co., footwear company.
  • Damiano Fabrizio: Chef and restaurateur, renowned for creating dishes inspired by the flavors of Italy.
  • Vincenzo Fabrizio: Italian composer and musician, known for his compositions for stage, film, TV, and games.
  • Roberto Fabrizio: Argentine businessman and chairman of Fabca S.A., a real estate and investment firm.
  • Nick Fabrizio: Professional boxer from New Jersey who has fought in the middleweight division.
  • Ricky Fabrizio: Canadian singer-songwriter based in Vancouver, and most known for his contemporary folk-rock sound.
  • Nico Fabrizio: Argentinian sculptor, painter, and photographer, best known for his use of color and light.

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