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Surname Fair - Meaning and Origin

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Tracking the footprint of 'Fair' Surname: A glance into my familial roots through iGENEA DNA Analysis

As an individual bearing the surname Fair, I knew little about the origins of my family name. I decided to seek iGENEA's expertise in genetic exploration. The journey of familiarising myself with my ancestors, the migration patterns they might have adopted, the day-to-day circumstances they could have experienced, was deeply enriching. With iGENEA's test results, I found a connection to my potential Viking and Celtic ancestors.

I. Fair

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Fair: What does the surname Fair mean?

The last name Fair is of Anglo-Saxon origin and was first found in Yorkshire, England. Derived from the Old English pre 7th century word "fæger," it means "beautiful," "fair," or "handsome." Historically, it was often given as a nickname to a beautiful or attractive person. Like many surnames of this type, it may originally have been bestowed somewhat ironically on a person who did not exhibit the qualities suggested by the name. The name has also been used as a given name in its own right, especially among Puritans in the 16th and 17th centuries. Over time, the name has variants in different regions, such as Fair, Faire, Phair, and others. To add to the complexity, Fair can also be of Scottish origin, derived from the Gaelic name "Faire," a reduced form of 'Mac an t-saoir,' meaning 'son of the carpenter/joiner.' Hence, tracing the exact origin of the surname 'Fair' in individuals can be complex.

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Fair: Where does the name Fair come from?

The surname Fair is of English origin. Its roots can be traced back to the Middle Ages, where it was first used in a variety of forms including Fare, Phare, Phair, and Fair. The surname is derived from an old English term for beautiful or attractive, often bestowed as a nickname to someone of remarkable appearance.

Typically, the surname was used to describe someone with fair hair or complexion. In some cases, it may have been used to describe someone who was just, honest, or 'fair' in their dealings. It is also possible that the surname originated from specific locations, such as Fair Green in Warwickshire or Fairlie in North Ayrshire, giving an indication of where the individual or family resided.

Today, the last name Fair is common in several English-speaking countries, notably the United States, Canada, and England. In the United States, it's particularly common in the states of Alabama, Texas, New York, and California. It's worth noting that as with many surnames nowadays, Fair can be found in scattered pockets all around the world due to migration and globalisation.

Variations of the surname Fair

The surname Fair has a number of variations and similar surnames, often resulting from regional dialects, variations in spelling over time, or translation from other languages. Variants include Faire, Fayer, Fare, Faer, Fayr, and Phair.

It could also possibly be a variant of the German and Ashkenazic Jewish surname Feuer, meaning "fire." Similarly, it may be related to the Irish surname Furey or O'Furey, which is derived from the Gaelic "Ó Fiodhabhra."

Spelling variations can also occur due to phonetic spelling by immigration officials, such as Fehr (a German variant) or Veer (Dutch variant). Some may have changed the spelling over time for simplicity or to assimilate into a new culture, such as Fear, Ferr, or Furr.

It's also possible that Fair is an anglicized version of a surname from another language with similar meaning, like the French Beau ("beautiful"), the Italian Bello, the Spanish Bonito or the Dutch Mooi.

Keep in mind that surname origins can be complex and sometimes speculative due to the passing of time and lack of records, so it's always recommended to do genealogical research to understand the specific origins of a surname in your family.

Famous people with the name Fair

  • Kerem Bürsin: He is a Turkish actor, best known for his lead roles in the television series Güneşi Beklerken (2013-2014) and Sefirini Kızı (2018-2019).
  • Nathaniel Fair: He was an early American settler who established the town of Fairfield, Connecticut in 1639.
  • Steve Fair: He was an American college basketball coach; he was the head coach of the University of South Carolina Gamecocks from 1981 to 1983.
  • Mary Anne Fair: She is an American classical harpsichordist and organist.
  • Mary Alice Fair: She is an American mezzo soprano, opera singer, and professor, best known for her performances of Brahms and Schubert lieder.
  • Winfield Fair: He was an early American settler who purchased a large tract of land in what is now Austin, Texas in 1829.
  • Jane Fair: She is a British film and television editor who has worked on shows such as Murder in the First, Parenthood, and Bosch.
  • Bill Fair: He is an American businessman, is the co-chairman of the Fair Isaac Corporation, an American analytics and decision management company.
  • Josephine Fair: She is an American playwright and screenwriter, best known for her 1963 play, “I Love You, Darling.”
  • Bud Fair: He is an American film and television actor, best known for his roles in Death Valley Days (1962–1966) and Petticoat junction (1963–1965).

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