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Surname Farris - Meaning and Origin

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A recent DNA test with iGENEA imparted a profound understanding of the origins and historical ties of the Farris surname. The genetic analysis revealed deep roots in the British Isles, challenging previous beliefs of French origins. The intimate journey exhibited a sense of connectedness and belonging to a vibrant past that shapes today's sense of self-identity.

E. Farris

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Farris: What does the surname Farris mean?

The surname Farris is of Irish origin, deriving from the Gaelic 'Ó Fearghuis' which literally means 'descendant of Fearghus'. The Gaelic name Fearghus is a compound of the elements 'fear', meaning 'man', and 'gus', translating as 'strength' or 'force'. Thus, the surname Farris can be interpreted as 'descendant of the strong man'. It is primarily found in County Tyrone in Northern Ireland, but also in County Kerry. Over time, the name has been anglicized into various forms like Fergus, Ferris, Farris, and others. It's worth noting that spelling variations are common due to the transcription of names from the Gaelic alphabet to the English one. Some families might have chosen different English forms upon immigration to other English-speaking countries. In some cases, the surname Farris might also have emerged as a variation of the English surname Farrar, referring to an iron worker or blacksmith, coming from the Middle English term "ferrer". The exact connotation may vary based on individual family histories and origins.

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Farris: Where does the name Farris come from?

The last name Farris is derived from the personal name Fergus. The name has Gaelic roots, particularly from Scotland and Ireland, where Fergus was a popular personal name. The Gaelic personal name was composed of two elements, "fear" meaning man, and "gus" signifying vigor or force, hence, the overall meaning is "strong man" or "man-strength."

The surname Farris was first found in County Cork and County Galway in Ireland, and Ayrshire in Scotland. In the United States, California and Texas are the states with a significant population of people with the surname Farris.

In today's world, the surname Farris is still commonly found in those same regions (Ireland and Scotland) and has also spread to various parts of the world due to immigration and diaspora. It's fairly common in Canada and the United States, especially in regions with a dense population of people of Irish and Scottish descent. Even though it's not among the most common surnames, it can still be found in many parts of the world. For instance, there are quite a few individuals with the surname Farris in Australia and New Zealand too.

Variations of the surname Farris

The surname Farris has several variants, some of which are derived from different sources. For instance, the Irish surname O'Farrell was often Anglicized as Farris in the United States. While Scottish and English surname Ferris, was also modified into Farris when families emigrated. This leads to a number of spellings which are most commonly:

- Ferris: This English variant is most common in the West Midlands. It could originate from the Old French "ferrant" meaning iron-grey.

- Fares: A variation that is most common in Arabic-speaking countries. Its meaning in Arabic ranges from knight, horseman to cavalier.

- Pharis: This is another English spelling, it is mostly found in North America.

- Ferres: An infrequent spelling variation.

- Faris: A slightly less common variant that can be found in Britain and the United States.

- Farris: It is widely spread in several countries including the United States, Britain, Canada, and Australia.

And several other less common spellings such as Farees, Farris and Pheris. The diversity of surnames and their spellings reflect a variety of linguistic, cultural and geographic influences over the centuries. Names could be changed or modified due to many reasons including pronunciation issues, anglicization, religious conversions, and more.

Famous people with the name Farris

  • Anna Farris: An American actress, podcaster, and author known for her roles in comedies such as the 'Scary Movie' series and 'The House Bunny.'
  • Dionne Farris: An American singer-songwriter, renown for her solo work and collaborations with the hip-hop group Arrested Development.
  • Jonny Farris: An American actor known for his roles in movies like 'Kicking and Screaming' and 'Sex Drive.'
  • Dell Farris: A retired professional basketball player who played in the American Basketball Association (ABA) during the late 1960s and early 1970s.
  • Tim Farris: The lead guitarist of the Australian rock band INXS.
  • Andrew Farris: Keyboards, guitar player and main composer for the Australian rock band INXS.
  • Danielle Farris: An American actress known for her roles in TV series like 'Friday Night Lights' and 'Homeland.'
  • Richard Farris: A Canadian entrepreneur, philanthropist, and the founder of Nurse Next Door Home Care Services.
  • Michael Farris: An American constitutional lawyer, author, homeschooling advocate, and the founder of the Home School Legal Defense Association.
  • Suzzanne Douglas Farris: An American jazz singer and actress, known for her role in the sitcom 'The Parent 'Hood.'

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