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Surname Fedderly - Meaning and Origin

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Fedderly: What does the surname Fedderly mean?

The last name Fedderly is believed to have originated as a descriptive nickname from Middle English dialects, first appearing in written records in the 13th century. This surname is thought to have derived from the Old English words "feddre" and "ley," meaning "land frequented by wild-fowl" or "game-preserve."

The surname is generally associated with a sense of strength and good luck. It was often used as a symbol of a prosperous family, or a lucky family. A family with this surname would have typically looked for land with lots of game, which meant that they were well off and could afford to obtain the type of land they sought.

Throughout history, the Fedderly name has possessed a wide variety of spellings, including Fedderee, Fedderely, Feddarly and Fetherly. Despite its different spellings, the original meaning has generally remained the same, which is encouraging a sense of hope and security.

This surname is especially prominent in the northeast part of England, with its roots tracing back to the homesteads of the Lake District. Today, it is also found in North America, often spelling variations of the original surname.

Thus, the name Fedderly can be traced back to the Middle English era, carrying with it a meaningful message of luck and strength.

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Fedderly: Where does the name Fedderly come from?

The last name "Fedderly" is a very uncommon last name today, with no more than a few hundred people in the United States bearing the name. However, there are a handful of concentrated regions where the name is more common. The largest concentration of Fedderlys can be found in Pennsylvania, where more than half of all Fedderlys in the US reside. Populated cities such as Allentown, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh have seen a rise in Fedderly residents over the years.

Other notable locations for Fedderlys include Massachusetts and New York, though the number of Fedderlys living in these two states make up less than ten percent of the US population. In Europe, the name is found more commonly in the Netherlands and in Germany, with a recent concentration in France as well. Overall, the Fedderly last name is most densely represented in Pennsylvania due to a period of immigration and settlement over a century ago.

Variations of the surname Fedderly

The surname Fedderly is a variant of the more common spelling of Fetterly. This surname is believed to have come from a particular area in northern England. It is derived from the Old English words feðer and leah, meaning "clearing gray." In its early stages, it was used as a occupational name for someone who worked in a woodland clearing.

It has many other spelling variations, including: Faidley, Fatley, Feddesley, Fetherley, Fedderly, Featley, Fettle, Fiddlely, Featherly, Featle, Fiedler, Fiderli, Feederly, and Fetlar.

Due to migration, many different variants of the surname have surfaced in other countries and languages, such as Fetterlee (German), Fetterly (Irish) and Federli (Italian).

There are many surnames derived from Fedderly, such as Feltner, Fetty, Federer, Federici, Fetterhoff, Fedderson, Fedders, Feddersen, Fedderson, Fetke and Fedel.

The Fedderly surname is uncommon due to its more common variants Faidley, Feddesley, Fetterley, etc., but ultimately, all variants of the surname refer to the same origin.

Famous people with the name Fedderly

  • Birgit Fedderly, a German politician
  • David Fedderly, an American inventor, engineer, and entrepreneur
  • Donald Fedderly, an American college basketball coach
  • Mabel Fedderly, a Canadian nurse and veteran of World War I
  • William Fedderly, an American political analyst and commentator
  • Pierre Fedderly, a French economist
  • Michael Fedderly, an American actor
  • Rosalie Fedderly, an American visual artist
  • Julia Fedderly, a British food writer
  • Noam Fedderly, an Israeli football player
  • Natasha Fedderly, an American fashion model
  • Karen Fedderly, a Swedish Olympic curler
  • Barry Fedderly, an American author and songwriter
  • Bradford Fedderly, an American jazz organist
  • Edzard Fedderly, a Dutch landscape painter
  • Carolyne Fedderly, an American professional dancer
  • Eric Fedderly, an American astronomer and astrophysicist
  • Jakub Fedderly, a Polish actor
  • Fabian Fedderly, a Swiss musical producer
  • Joe Fedderly, an American water polo player

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