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Surname Feher - Meaning and Origin

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Feher: What does the surname Feher mean?

Feher is a surname of Hungarian origin, meaning "white" in English. As a name, it may refer to a person's appearance, such as hair or skin color. During earlier periods, surnames often reflected one's occupation, residence, or a distinguishing characteristic. In this case, Feher might have been used to identify someone with fair hair, complexion, or even clothing. This surname is quite common in Hungary. Just like other surnames, variations of spelling can occur based on regional influences and changes over time. Some well-known people with this surname include footballers Jozsef Feher and Zoltan Feher, and chess grandmaster Peter Feher.

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Feher: Where does the name Feher come from?

The last name Feher is of Hungarian origin and it means "white" in the Hungarian language. This surname could have originally described a person who was fair, or it might have been used to signify someone who routinely wore white clothing, such as a clergyman or miller. Today, it is common in Hungary, with a considerable number of bearers in the country. Besides Hungary, the name is also frequently found among Hungarian communities in nations around the world, especially in areas with significant Hungarian diaspora such as the USA, Canada, Israel, and certain countries in Europe, like Romania and Slovakia. However, Hungary remains the primary locus of the name Feher. It must also be noted that this surname could exist in some countries due to immigration or diaspora and in such cases, could show variations in spelling.

Variations of the surname Feher

The surname Feher is of Hungarian origin and it means 'white'. It is sometimes written with an accent as Fehér in its native country. Different spellings may include Feherova, Fehervari, Fehervary, or even Fajer, especially in areas influenced by Germanic languages.

There can be different variations of the surname based on geographic location and local dialects. For example, in Slovakia, where there is also a significant Hungarian population, the surname can be spelled as Fehér or Fehérová in the feminized form.

Furthermore, surnames that have a similar meaning in different languages could be considered variants. This includes Weiss or Weisser in German, Blanc in French, Bianco in Italian, or White in English.

Lastly, surnames that originate from the same root or meaning could also be considered variants. For instance, 'Fehervari' and 'Fehervary' could indicate someone who is from 'Fehervar', an old name for the Hungarian city, Székesfehérvár.

However, it's important to note that while these names share similarities, they may not necessarily share the same origin or lineage as the Feher family.

Always refer to genealogical research and resources for detailed and accurate family history information.

Famous people with the name Feher

  • Miklos Feher: A renowned Hungarian professional footballer who played as a striker. He had significant roles in clubs such as FC Porto, Sporting CP, and Benfica.
  • Anita Feher: A Polish fitness model, bodybuilder, and fitness blogger who has participated in and won several fitness competitions.
  • Viktor Feher: A Hungarian film and theatre actor who became popular through his roles in movies like "Moszkva ter" and "Children of Glory".
  • Yoram Feher: An Israeli physician, academic, and inventor. He founded the field of Computerized Patient Record (CPR) and developed several path-breaking healthcare technologies.
  • Laszlo Feher: A prominent Hungarian artist known for his contemporary work. His art has been exhibited in galleries and art shows around the world.
  • Peter Feher: A Slovakian professional footballer who has played for several football clubs globally.
  • Astrid Fehlow: The actress is popular for her role as Leonie Richter in the German television series "Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten".
  • Vincent Feher: A French actor known for his work in films such as "Chacun sa vie" and "L'enfant d'en haut".

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