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Surname Feld - Meaning and Origin

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Feld: What does the surname Feld mean?

The last name Feld is of German origin and literally translates to "field." It was often used as a topographic name for someone who lived or worked on a field or an open piece of land, typically used for farming. Like many other surnames originating from Europe in the Middle Ages, Feld could have also been used as an occupational name, identifying individuals based on their occupation or trade. So, in this case, it could have been associated with peasants or farmers who worked the fields. Surnames also sometimes originated from specific locations, so Feld may also designate someone who originated from a place named Feld. Like many surnames, Feld has variations including Felder, Feldmann, and Feldman, which are also common in German-speaking regions.

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Feld: Where does the name Feld come from?

The surname Feld originates from the Germanic language, specifically from the Middle High German word "veld," which means "field." This name was often given to people residing near an open field or to individuals who worked in fields, for instance, as farmers or field workers. Thus, it falls under the category of topographic surnames, which are based on the main features of a landscape where the original name bearers lived or worked. While it is still common in Germany today, emigration patterns over the centuries mean this surname can also be found in various other countries such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Additionally, Jewish emigrants from Holocaust era Germany also bore this surname, leading to its spread in countries like Israel. It is important to note that the appearance of the name in various countries does not necessarily imply a common ancestry as the surname could have been independently derived in different locations.

Variations of the surname Feld

The surname Feld is of German origin and is derived from the Middle High German word “veld” which means “field” or “open country”. It was generally used to describe a person who lived or worked in a field, rural area or open country.

Due to numerous geographical, cultural, and dialectal differences, many variations of this surname have been derived. Some of these include Felds, Feldt, Felden, Veld, Velden, Feldman, Feldmann, Feldmeier, Feder, Fehl and Feuer.

In some cases, it can also be associated with people who worked with iron, as Feld can also translate to mean "iron field". This reflection of occupation gives rise to more variations like Felder, Felders and Feldner.

Additional spellings or related surnames may arise from errors in documenting or translating the name by non-German speaking authorities – especially in the cases of migration. These alternate spellings could involve minor changes, like the replacement of 'F' with 'Ph', or 'd' with 't', leading to names like Pheled, Phelet or Pheld.

The name Feld is also found among Ashkenazi Jews, for whom it could be an occupational or topographic name. Variants in this context may also include Felder, Feldman, or Felberman.

Famous people with the name Feld

  • Corey Feldman: An American actor known for his roles in "The Goonies" and "Stand By Me".
  • Edward Feld: A famous Jewish scholar.
  • Marty Feldman: An English comedian and actor, known for his bulging eyes, which were a result of his suffering from thyroid disease.
  • Victor Feld: A renowned international physicist.
  • Brad Feld: An American entrepreneur, author, blogger, and venture capitalist at Foundry Group in Boulder, Colorado.
  • Devin Feldman: An American actor and producer.
  • David Feld: A billionaire business magnate and philanthropist.
  • Lee Feld: An Australian actor in popular shows.
  • Sheila Feld: An American actress best known for her role in Station 19.
  • Howard Feldman: A South African businessman, philanthropist, and author.
  • Kenneth Feld: The CEO of Feld Entertainment, a live event production company that produces shows like Disney on Ice and The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.
  • Arthur Feldman: A notable American cardiologist.
  • Bruce Feldman: An American sports journalist.
  • Adele Feld: A well-known fashion designer and businesswoman.
  • Eliot Feld: An American modern ballet dancer and choreographer.
  • Aaron Feld: An American football strength and conditioning coach.

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Dear Ms. Feld,
I enjoyed your website with regard the surname Feld. You have provided names that have a suffix to the name feld. However, from my point of view, you have not examined the names with a prefix. My last name is Ziegfeld, so I am a
feld, but with a 'prefix' on my name. And there are many of these such as Rumsfeld, Seinfeld, Rosenfeld, etc. etc.
So the question is "Have you examined any of these names?" Do you have a list available for those interested in another level of "Feld?"
Thanks much.
Bob Ziegfeld


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