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Surname Felps - Meaning and Origin

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Felps: What does the surname Felps mean?

The surname Felps is derived from an English patrynomic baptismal name meaning "the son of Philip". It is a variant of the surname Phelps, primarily found in The United States, Brazil, Canada, and Scotland. The root name, Philip, is of Greek origin (Philippos), and is a compound of the words "philein" meaning "to love" and "hippos" meaning "horse". Hence, it represents someone who is a horse lover. Surnames were often given based on an individual's characteristics or significant aspects, and hence, a person with the Felps surname likely had ancestors who were known for their love for horses. Although it's important to understand the meanings and derivations of surnames, it does not definitively imply that every family with this surname shared this particular characteristic or occupation. Today, this surname carries more historical and ancestral value rather than its literal meaning.

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Felps: Where does the name Felps come from?

The last name Felps is most commonly found in the United States. Felps is an interesting last name as it has multiple origins, such as English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, German, French and Dutch.

In the United States, the Felps last name is most commonly found in Virginia, Maine, Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi and Arkansas. It’s not uncommon to find the name in other states such as Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New York, California, Michigan, and North Carolina. It is also known to have been used in Illinois, Iowa and South Dakota as well.

The highest concentration of Felps in the United States is found in Mississippi and Arkansas. In these states, it is most frequently found in rural areas and is less common in more urbanized areas.

Sometimes, the spelling Felps is also commonly seen as Felpse, Fellis, Fellpsy, Felpsej, Fells, Felpz, and Phyllis. Depending on its origin, it can also be translated into other languages such as German (Felpsen).

Overall, the last name Felps is considered quite uncommon, however, it is most commonly seen in the southeastern United States. The spelling and pronunciation of the name can also change depending on its origins and translations.

Variations of the surname Felps

The surname Felps is of German origin and can have various spellings and variants depending on the particular region or time. Common alternate spellings of the name include Phelps, Phelpes PHeps, Philps, Filps, Phillps, Fillps, Felps, Philipse, Felpswitch, and Felpsman.

The origins of the surname Felps trace back to northern and western Germany where it likely derived from the Old German word "fehlpse" meaning prattler or happy fellow. This likely indicates that the original name holder was an extroverted individual.

The variant spelling of Felps can also be found in other European countries including Italy, France, and Slovakia. Here, the spelling may have evolved from the Latin "philip" meaning friend of horses. This likely indicates that the original name holder was a horse enthusiast.

In Scotland, the name was known in the Highlands as MacPhelps or MacFelps. This variant likely came from the Gaelic MacFhlapsaich meaning son of danger. This likely reveals a strong and courageous ancestor.

In British settlements of North America, the name has been found as Fellows and Felton as well as variants provided via Dutch or Scandinavian sources.

In conclusion, Felps is a surname with a rich history and many variant spellings. The many variants likely reveal additional information about its original European holders and the countries in which they resided.

Famous people with the name Felps

  • Dolla Bill Felps: American television actor and comedian
  • David Felps: Former member of the American rock band Alabama
  • Justin Felps: American actor and comedian
  • John Felps: Professional American football player and founder of the San Diego Chargers
  • Joe Felps: American country music singer and songwriter
  • Marcus Felps: Retired British footballer
  • Michele Felps: American model and designer
  • J. Edward Felps: American journalist and editor
  • Jessie Felps: Former American track and field athlete
  • Kingston Felps: American film producer and actor

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