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Surname Fielandt - Meaning and Origin

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Fielandt: What does the surname Fielandt mean?

The last name Fielandt is of German and Dutch origin. It is a habitational name for someone from one of various places in the Netherlands and Germany, such as Filand, Vieland, and Fielandt. The root of the name, Fiel, is derived from the Middle High German vîl, meaning “important.” It was likely adopted as a name-prefix for families living in places with this name.

Though the name originated in Germany and the Netherlands, Fielandt is now most closely associated with the United States. Immigrants of the Fielandt family were among the earliest settlers of Pennsylvania, arriving in the late 17th century.

The Fielandts eventually spread across the United States. In 1882, the name was first recorded in Utah, followed by appearances in Pacific Coast states such as Washington and California. The majority of Fielandts now live in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Virginia, though there are also scattered communities in other states.

People with the last name Fielandt should be proud of their history and the migrations their family has made over the past centuries. As German and Dutch immigrants, they should take pride in their heritage and the role their familys played in exploring and settling the United States.

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Fielandt: Where does the name Fielandt come from?

The last name Fielandt is most commonly found today in Germanic countries. It is a German and Dutch surname that is derived from a personal name, which itself comes from the Germanic element "Fels" meaning ‘rock.’ This common last name is also found in portions of Belgium and Switzerland originating from the German branch of the family.

The early records show that members of the Fielandt family were found in Westphalia, Germany around the mid-1500s when they were recorded as Fylenden. They adopted the spelling Fielandt in the early 1800s, when the family migrated to the Netherlands.

In the mid-19th century, members of the Fielandt family emigrated to the United States, largely from the Netherlands. The Fielandts found in the US today are mostly descendants of that group. Searches of the US Census Bureau records from the years 1880 to 1940 show the highest concentration in the mid-west, particularly in the states of Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Today, the sites of and provide global genealogy records and show a wide distribution of the Fielandt family across Germanic regions, including Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Switzerland and throughout the US. It is a family name that continues to exist, albeit outside of its original homeland in Germany.

Variations of the surname Fielandt

The surname Fielandt is believed to have originated from Germany or the Netherlands. It is also known to exist in South Africa, as many families in the area trace their roots back to Dutch and German settlers. Variants of the name include Fieldant, Fieldandt, Fielant, Fieland, Fielland, and Feelant.

In the Netherlands, the surname is spelled as Fieland or Fielandt. In Germany, the name is also found as Fieland, Fielan, Fiellan, Fieldand, and Fielland. Meanwhile, in South Africa, it is commonly spelled as Fielant, Fieland, and Feelant.

Fielandt is theorized to be a habitational name derived from the word “velt”, which refers to a secluded area that is separate from settlements. It can also derived from the Old German word “feld” which means open land. Aside from Fielandt, other surnames of the same origin are Veldman, Velden, Feldhaken, Feltman, and Feel.

The Fielandt surname is still found in South Africa, Germany, the Netherlands, and other countries. It is a fairly common surname with many different spellings and variants.

Famous people with the name Fielandt

  • Paul Fielandt: Belgian biochemist
  • Oliver Fielandt: German professional footballer
  • Michele Fielandt: Italian theologian
  • Dina Fielandt: Swedish tv producer
  • Anna Fielandt: German doctor
  • Ginger Fielandt: Danish politician
  • Valerie Fielandt: Dutch Olympic swimmer
  • Marleen Fielandt: Belgian writer
  • Ursula Fielandt: Swiss historical novelist
  • Carola Fielandt: Danish psychologist

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