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Brewing a New Identity: The Transformational Power of a DNA Test on My Perspective of the Familial Surname 'Field'

Family name Field

Embarking on a genetic journey through an iGENEA DNA test, I gained a deeper understanding of my lineage, forever altering my perception of the surname 'Field' and my family's identity. This test granted me a renewed sense of belonging, bore witness to the resilience of my ancestors and enabled me to appreciate my historical roots, profoundly changing my views.

Following the intriguing journey into my genetic past, thanks to the iGENEA DNA test, I experienced a profound paradigm shift. The unique opportunity to comprehend my genealogical background in greater detail brought about an unexpectedly fresh perspective on the familial surname 'Field,' changing the way I view my family's history, identity and, by extension, my own.

The iGENEA DNA test provides a wealth of knowledge, transcending the capabilities of traditional genealogical research. The revelations about my genetic lineage, pinpointing my roots to early medieval England, a tribe called 'Field,' was an eye-opening experience. Not only did I learn about their lives and struggles, but I also gained a renewed sense of belonging and an appreciation for my ancestors.

Previously just a name, 'Field' has now become an embodiment of unity and heritage, reflecting our forefathers' strong character, their perseverance against adversity, their resilience, and their contribution to shaping our distinct familial identity. Each time I write it down, it's no longer just a surname; it carries the weight of hundreds of years of family history.

Moreover, the DNA test results unveiled a fascinating thread linking my lineage to various influential figures throughout history. To discover shared genetic markers with historical figures was immensely gratifying, endowing me with immense pride and a new sense of relatedness. It demonstrates vividly how history is a living, breathing entity that shapes us and connects us all.

In summary, the personal significance of the iGENEA DNA test is immense. It has opened up a new realm of self-identification for me, reinforced my understanding of my family's journey, and rendered a surname—a mere word—into a profound symbol of enduring legacy and resilience. With each passing day, I feel increasingly grateful for this knowledge and more anchored in my family's shared past and collective identity, giving a profound new meaning to being a 'Field.'

K. Field

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