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Surname Fitts - Meaning and Origin

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Celtic Roots, Viking Lineage, and Roman Influence: Unraveling the Fitts Surname through iGENEA DNA Test Results

From Celtic connections to a fascinating Viking lineage, my journey into the scientific discoveries from my iGENEA DNA test results brought to light the deep-rooted history of the Fitts surname. Tracing my genetic markers, I found evidence of a diverse cultural heritage that spans across Europe, from Britain to Scandinavia, with intriguing indications of ancient Roman influences.

D. Fitts

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Fitts: What does the surname Fitts mean?

The surname Fitts is believed to have originated from England and could be derived from the Old English term "fitt," which means "a section of a poem," implying that the bearers of this name might have been poets or storytellers. Conversely, some researchers suggest that "Fitts" is a derivative of the name "Fitz," originating from the French word "fils," which means "son of." This would have traditionally been used in conjunction with the father's name, such as "FitzWilliam" meaning "Son of William." Thus, Fitts could be associated with lineage and descent. However, given the various possibilities and the changes that surnames undergo over time and geographical locations, the definitive meaning of the surname Fitts might be difficult to trace. It's essential to look at specific genealogical records to understand the individual context and historical background.

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Fitts: Where does the name Fitts come from?

The surname Fitts is of English origin and holds two potential roots. One hypothesis suggests that it is derived from the medieval English personal name "Fitz," an Anglo-Norman French term meaning "son of," often used in patronymic surnames. Another possibility is that it may be of topographic origin from the old English term "fitt," which means "marshy ground."

The presence of variations like Fitt, Fitts, Fitz, Fytz, also highlights its Anglo-Norman roots. Early recordings of the names can be observed in the 13th-century tax records and other historical documents in England.

Today, the surname Fitts is commonly found in America, due to the movement of people from England during the colonial period and further migrations. It is particularly prevalent in states like Alabama, Georgia, and California. The name is also quite frequent in England, especially in regions that were former Viking strongholds. However, as it is with many other surnames, Fitts can be found scattered around the globe due to the course of human migration and the spread of families.

Variations of the surname Fitts

The surname Fitts is believed to be of Anglo-Saxon origin and is based on "Fitt," a personal name. Variations of this surname can include Fitt, Fitz, Fitch, Fittes, and Pfitz. There is also a possibility of connection with names like Fitzpatrick, Fitzgerald, and Fitzwilliam, which were originally patronymic names meaning "son of" in Anglo-Norman.

Since surnames often changed spelling over time based on phonetic renderings, there could be many possible spellings. These could include Fytts, Fytz, Phyts, Phitts, and so on.

It's also worth noting that in some cases, especially in Germanic countries, the surname could have been altered to Pfitts, Pfittz, or Pfytz due to the P and F phonetic similarities in the native languages.

In terms of surnames of the same origin, those deriving from personal names or patronymic naming traditions in the Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Norman cultures could be considered, such as FitzSimons, FitzHenry, FitzRoy, etc.

However, one must be careful in linking surnames as many can share similar features but have different origins, owing to the complex history of surname development across different regions, languages, and eras.

Famous people with the name Fitts

  • Robert Fitts: A renowned author known for his work in sports literature. His work mainly focuses on the history of baseball in Japan.
  • Paul M. Fitts: A prominent psychologist known for his work on human factors and ergonomics. His Fitts's Law on speed-accuracy trade-off in human motor response is still influential in various fields.
  • Cathy Fitts: A former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Housing-Federal Housing Commissioner known for her financial expertise. She is today an investment advisor.
  • Dan Fitts: An American film and television actor, known for his roles in The X-Files, Gilmore Girls, and Scorched.
  • Holland MacTyeire "Holly" Fitts Cothran: An American philanthropist and horticulturalist known for the establishment of Riverbanks Zoo and Garden.
  • Oliver Fitts: A US Navy Officer and World War II veteran who served in the Pacific theater.
  • Abner Monroe Fitts: A Lieutenant Colonel in the Confederate States Army during the American Civil War.
  • Brian Fitts: An American artist known for his unique painting style with heavy focus on lighting and subject matter.
  • Sarah Fitts: A lawyer based in New York City, specializing in energy and infrastructure finance.

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