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Surname Folmann - Meaning and Origin

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Folmann: What does the surname Folmann mean?

The last name Folmann is of German origin, and is derived from the Old German words for "Love Man" or "Beloved Man". The name likely traces back to the Middle Ages when people had to choose family names based on who they wanted to honor or based on their beloved ancestor. It is likely that the name was initially given to someone in the family who was particularly beloved.

Throughout German history, the name has been passed down through generations as a marker of familial bond and love. This sentiment is seen in many of the places today where the surname is found, including Denmark, northern parts of Germany, Sweden, and Norway.

Today, in German-speaking societies, the surname Folmann is still associated with being someone who is deeply loved and respected. It is common to hear stories from these places about how people in the family tend to look out for one another in times of need and look fondly upon one another’s achievements. Some people may even adopt the surname as a part of their own identity, honoring the familial bond and love that it symbolizes.

The name Folmann is unique and special, and will continue to remind generations of the special bond within families.

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Folmann: Where does the name Folmann come from?

The last name Folmann is most commonly seen in Germany today, with over 800 individuals registered with the surname. It is likely a derivation of the German word for "foliant" or "book lover". It may also be derived from the Middle High German word "vollmann" which translates to "man of abundance". Other variations of Folmann include Vonfolmann, Volman, Folmar, and Volman.

Folmann is also seen in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and other parts of Europe. It is more rare outside of the region; however, it is becoming increasingly popular among immigrants with German or Scandinavian heritage. In the United States, there are approximately 200 individuals with the surname. The majority of these individuals are located in Wisconsin, Illinois, California, and Florida.

Overall, the Folmann surname is not common outside of Germany and Scandinavia. It is likely that the origin of the surname is indicative of its situation; Folmann comes from countries where books and literacy were highly valued during medieval times.

Variations of the surname Folmann

Folmann is a surname of German and Scandinavian origin. It is derived from the personal name Folkmar, which is composed of two elements, “folk” meaning “people” and “mar” meaning “famous.” The socialist variant of the surname is Follmann, which is derived from the feminine form of the personal name Folkmar.

Other variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin as Folmann include:

* Fölkman – German

* Följmann – Swedish

* Fölkemann – Swedish

* Föckeman – German

* Fuchsman – German

* Fuhrman – German

* Fehrmann – German

* Fuhlman – German

* Voldman – Swedish

* Falckman – Swedish

* Falkman – Swedish

* Folkema – Dutch

* Folceman – Dutch

* Folkma – Dutch

* Folckmann – German

* Follman – Scandinavian

The surnames Fogleman and Fulcomer are also related to Folmann and have Middle English and French origins, respectively. Fogleman is derived from the Middle English personal name “Fugel” and similar variations, meaning “bird,” while Fulcomer is derived from the French personal name “Fulco,” derived from two Germanic elements “foul” meaning “people” and “mari” meaning “famous.”

Different dialects of languages have also caused regional variations of the Folmann surname, for example, in Swedish the name may be spelled Fölkman or Följmann. Similarly, in German, the name may be spelt Föckemann or Fuchsman.

In conclusion, there are many variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin as Folmann. These include Fölkman, Följmann, Föckeman, Fuchsman, Fehrmann, Fuhrman, Fuhlman, Voldman, Falckman, Falkman, Folkema, Folceman, Folkma, Folckmann, Follman, Fogleman, and Fulcomer, all with slightly different origins.

Famous people with the name Folmann

  • Maja Folmann, Danish dancer, choreographer, and teacher
  • Nina Folmann, Danish singer
  • Faith Lehane Folmann, American actress
  • Dennis Folmann, German actor
  • Marlene Folmann, American composer
  • Zachary Folmann, American composer
  • Mark Folmann, American photographer
  • Marius Folmann, German composer
  • Eva-Lena Folmann, Swedish big-band singer
  • Janellie Folmann, Canadian actress
  • Richard Folmann, Swedish director and expert on search engine optimization
  • Stephen Folmann, American professor of film and television
  • Herbert Folmann, German actor and director
  • Ashley Folmann, American artist and musician
  • Lucian Folmann, British actor and author
  • Charity Folmann, American artistic director

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