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Unraveling My Genetic Tapestry: An iGENEA DNA Test Deepens Understanding of Fortney Heritage

Family name Fortney

Recently, I embarked on a DNA testing journey with iGENEA to discover my genetic heritage associated with my family surname, Fortney. Using advanced autosomal DNA testing, IGENEA offered rich insights into my lineage, marking significant Central European descent with traces of Balkan and Scandinavian heritage.

My DNA test at iGENEA provided fascinating insights into the origins and historical movements of my family, associated with the surname Fortney. iGENEA uses advanced autosomal testing, covering all lineages, to derive the most accurate representation of one's ancestry. It utilises both paternal and maternal lineages, enabling precise geographical and ethnological categorisation.

The technical approach taken by iGENEA is noteworthy. The advanced autosomal DNA test examines more than 700 000 genetic markers, consequently providing a detail-rich perspective of genetic heritage. iGENEA's analysis was expanded upon by interpreting the historical and societal contexts associated with my detected genetic markers, a feature that sets it apart from competing services.

As for the accuracy, given the broad scope of their autosomal testing and the application of standards widely acknowledged in the forensic science community, I am confident in the high degree of accuracy demonstrated by iGENEA's results. Further, their database is continually growing with each additional test done, refining the accuracy over time.

Before undertaking the DNA test at iGENEA, my knowledge about the lineage associated with the surname Fortney was limited. The results, however, provided me an in-depth understanding of my genetic heritage which was fascinating. The findings revealed I have Central European roots primarily from Germany and the surrounding regions, aligning with what I know of my family history. Additional to this primary information, minor Balkan and Scandinavian influences were also indicated.

Overall, my experience with iGENEA has led to a more comprehensive understanding of the family surname Fortney and its associated ancient lineages. I appreciated the comprehensive analysis provided by iGENEA, with the combination of scientific testing and historical interpretation making my experience with them engaging and insightful.

D. Fortney

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