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Surname Fortune - Meaning and Origin

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A. Fortune

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Fortune: What does the surname Fortune mean?

The surname Fortune is derived from the old Latin word "Fortuna," meaning "chance, luck or fortune." It was originally used as a nickname for someone who was lucky or as a personal name embodying the hopes of a family for the good fortune of their child. The surname has several variations including Forton, Fortain, Fortney, and Fortuna, among others. Despite its origins in Latin-based languages, this surname can be found in many cultures and regions throughout the world, including France, England, Italy, and Ireland. Additionally, it is also found as a first name in certain cultures. The surname's association with luck and good fortune has made it an enduring name over many centuries.

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Fortune: Where does the name Fortune come from?

The surname Fortune has multiple possible origins. It may derive from the Old French word "fortune", meaning chance or luck, suggesting that the original bearers of the name may have been notably lucky individuals. Alternatively, it may originate from the Latin personal name Fortunatus, meaning "prosperous" or "blessed". The name was popular among early Christians, leading to its wide spread across Europe.

Fortune is an established surname in several countries today, particularly in English-speaking regions. As per distribution data, it seems to be most common in the United States, where there are significant populations of people with this surname in Florida, Texas, and California. However, it is also fairly prevalent in England, primarily in the regions of Liverpool, London, and Norfolk. In Ireland, the name is particularly associated with County Wexford. It is also found in other regions such as Canada, Australia, and France. Still, in relative terms considering the population size, the surname Fortune remains fairly rare globally.

Variations of the surname Fortune

The surname Fortune has several variants and spellings which evolved over time as it passed down generations and as families moved to different regions. Pronunciation, translation, and even geographical influences can result in variant spellings.

Common derivative spellings for Fortune include Fortun, Fortin, Fortuna, and Fortone. These forms could also reflect the influence of different languages as members of the family migrated to different countries. For instance, "Fortuna" is commonly used in Spain and Italy due to language influence.

Surnames of the same origin can include Fortunatus, a Roman cognomen that traced back to the Roman Empire, from which stems the Latin term 'fortune' meaning chance or luck. The nickname Fortunatus ("fortunate" or "lucky") was given to several early saints, which also led to its use as a given name.

Certain regional variants may also exist, such as "Fortuné" in French-speaking countries. In some cases, additional prefixes or suffixes might have been added to the name over generations or due to intermarriage, resulting in names like McFortune or Fortunelli.

Please note that the information on family name etymology can vary and may need specific genealogical research to verify.

Famous people with the name Fortune

  • Michelle Fortune: A former professional squash player from Australia.
  • Jessie Fortune: An American Chicago blues singer and guitarist.
  • Amos Fortune: An African American author and sculptor who spent his early life as a slave.
  • Jimmy Fortune: A country music singer from Virginia, USA, best known as a tenor singer for the Statler Brothers.
  • Sonny Fortune: An American jazz saxophonist.
  • Michael Fortune: An Irish hurler.
  • Linda Fortune: A former professional woman boxer from Guyana.
  • Dion Fortune: A well-known British occultist, author, psychologist, and astrologer.
  • Brad Fortune: An Australian rugby league player.
  • Quinton Fortune: A South African football coach and former player.
  • John Fortune: An English satirist, comedian, writer, and actor.
  • Edwin Fortune: A former Zimbabwean cricketer.
  • Don Fortune: Canadian football player.
  • Tom Fortune: An Australian rules footballer.
  • James D. Fortune: A Canadian businessman and politician.
  • J.D. Fortune: Canadian rock singer and songwriter, best known for being a former lead singer of the rock band INXS.

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