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Surname Fosti - Meaning and Origin

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Fosti: What does the surname Fosti mean?

The last name Fosti is of German origin and dates back to the early 1600s. The name is believed to be derived from the German word “fosten” which means “to foster” and suggests a family whose roots are in fostering and nurturing. The name may be linked to a family tradition of caring for orphans, or it could also be a reference to a family who shared their resources with others with great generosity.

The Fostis were a family of prominent citizens who were often involved in politics, science, and industry. In the Middle Ages, they were merchants who set up trading posts in Europe and the Middle East. In more recent times, the family has been highly successful in many fields, including architecture, finance, and law.

The Fosti name is commonly associated with devotion, compassion, and care for others. The Fostis take their name and the meaning behind it, seriously, and strive to lead a life of service and kindheartedness. Many of them are committed to giving back to their communities and helping those in need.

Overall, the last name Fosti is a name that is rooted in selflessness, service, and generosity. It is a reminder that even the biggest success can be achieved if we are willing to help and support others. Being a Fosti means being willing to go above and beyond for those who need it the most, and being devoted to helping those in need.

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Fosti: Where does the name Fosti come from?

The last name Fosti is today most commonly found in countries in or around the Mediterranean, including Italy, Spain, Tunisia, and Algeria. The origin of the name is thought to trace back to the Latin term “fortunatum” or “fortunatus”, meaning “fortunate” or “successful”, describing a person who is blessed with good luck.

In Italy, the Fosti surname is particularly common in the south, in the province of Tuscany, where it is most prevalent in Pisa, Livorno, and Grosseto, and in the Calabrian region of the country. In Spain, the name is found mainly in Catalonia, where records of it being used date back to the 12th century. In North Africa, the name is most commonly found in Tunisia and Algeria.

In Europe, the name Fosti has also been found in Germany, Hungary, France, and the Czech Republic. However, it is much less common in these countries than in the Mediterranean. It is possible to find it in the United States too, as some members of the Fosti family have immigrated to the US over the years.

Overall, the last name Fosti is still very common in regions where its origin can be traced back to, mainly countries in or around the Mediterranean.

Variations of the surname Fosti

The surname Fosti has various variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. Fosti is an occupational surname that originated from the Middle English and Middle High German languages and means “foster” or “son/daughter of the foster”.

Variants include Fostey, Foister, Foist, Foust, Foster, Fostier, Fostocke and Fostwaller.

In Old English, Fosti is spelt Fost and was most commonly used as an occupational surname. The spelling would later evolve into three other versions to include Foist, Fostey and Foister.

Foust is a variant of the surname Fosti. The spelling of the surname changed as it spread to other countries. It was originally from England in the 15th century and is found in the records of many countries such as the US, Germany, Scotland and Ireland.

Foster is a derivative of the Fosti surname and was used to denote someone who reared foundlings. The surname is recorded in the Cheshire, Dorset and Surrey counties in England.

Fostocke is a Sept of the Clan MacArthur and associated with the Argyll region of Scotland. Fostier was used for someone from Fostock, while Fostwaller originates from Fostock and Waller.

Overall, Fosti has plenty of spelling variations and associated surnames that originated from the same source.

Famous people with the name Fosti

  • Graham Fosti: Australian actor, director and filmmaker;
  • Tessa Fosti: Danish singer;
  • Zetor Fosti: American rapper;
  • John Fosti: British actor, best known for his role in the Harry Potter franchise;
  • Sophia Fosti: American singer-songwriter;
  • Nick Fosti: Dutch record producer and DJ;
  • Lila Fosti: Brazilian actress;
  • Alice Fosti: Canadian actress;
  • Mica Fosti: Spanish photographer;
  • Stella Fosti: American television actress;
  • Marie Fosti: French model;
  • Dario Fosti: Argentine footballer;
  • Marina Fosti: Greek actress;
  • Jonah Fosti: British film director;
  • Cooper Fosti: American football player.

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