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Surname Fräde - Meaning and Origin

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Fräde: What does the surname Fräde mean?

The surname Fräde (sometimes spelled Frede or Freide) is mainly associated with German-speaking countries, and has a long history in Europe. It is derived from an ancient Germanic word which means peace and harmony.

Originally, Fräde was closely associated with the Christian church and the family name likely was an indication of a priestly lineage. As the spread of Christianity moved through Europe, so did the surname. It is believed that the earliest recorded bearer of the surname Fräde was a man named Riso, who lived in Switzerland in the 1200s.

Over time, the Fräde lineage has dramatically diversified and shifted as families moved to different countries throughout Europe. Some branches of the Fräde family made their way to the Scandinavian countries. However, they still kept the same surname.

In addition to being a popular surname in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and the Scandinavian countries, Fräde is still popularly used in the United States. Here, there have been records of Frädes residing in the Midwestern states since the 1800s.

It is clear that the surname Fräde has had an enduring presence throughout Europe and the United States. Those who still identify with this surname are likely part of a ancient and long-standing family tradition that celebrates harmony, peace, and a strong Christian faith.

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Fräde: Where does the name Fräde come from?

The last name Fräde is most commonly found in Germany and is particularly popular in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. This is the most northeast region of Germany and is bordered by the Baltic Sea and Poland. The population in this region is well over two million and many small towns and rural districts lie in this state.

In addition to Germany, Fräde is common in other German-speaking nations such as Austria, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein. It may also be found in some parts of the Netherlands, Belgium, and France, where German-speaking populations live or have lived in the past.

The meaning of the name is somewhat mysterious. There are two possible derivations. It could be derived from the word "frau" (old German for woman) and the suffix "-de" (of) or it could come from the word "fratze" which means grimace.

The name is recorded in archives and documentations surrounding the Middle Ages, and its ancient spelling of Fräide can be found in texts dating back to the 13th and 14th centuries. Today, the name refers to both families and individuals.

It is more rare to find people with the name Fräde outside of these German-speaking countries, but there are a few scattered in other parts of the world. This may be due to a range of different circumstances such as immigration in the past centuries.

Variations of the surname Fräde

Fräde is a German surname originally derived from the Medieval German word "frawa," meaning free, noble, or honourable. It is most commonly found primarily in Germany, Austria, and some parts of Scandinavia. Variants of Fräde include the original spelling of Fräde, but it can also be found spelled as Fraiden, Fraiten, Fradtke, Fraedeke, or Fraetke. There are additional variations in spelling outside of German: Fraid, Freit, Freitag, Freide, Freitake, Fraiden, and Fraidin.

Surnames that are associated with Fräde are Freitag and Freide, both of which mean Friday in German. The origin of these surnames dates back to Christian conversion when family names were based on days of the week or other observances. Both Freitag and Freide were derived from the Medieval German word, "Frawa," which was used to identify free, noble, or honourable individuals. This is where the name Fräde originates from as well.

Similar surnames to Fräde include Frantz, which is derived from the Middle High German "Franzo," which is a term for free peasant farmers and Froehlich, which is German for joy.

Other surnames of similar origin include Freed, Freeden, Fraedrich, Freiberger, Freiwald, Freive, and Friedrich. Although these surnames all share the same origin, they have various different spellings and meanings.

Famous people with the name Fräde

  • Simona Fräde: German actress
  • Erwin Fräde: German footballer
  • Clara Fräde: German sculptor
  • Johannes Fräde: German philosophy professor
  • Balthazar Fräde: German railway manager
  • Peter Fräde: German journalist
  • Johanna Fräde: German artist
  • Johan Fräde: Swedish former basketball player
  • Truls Fräde: Norwegian historian
  • Kaj Fräde: Swedish businessman
  • Jürgen Fräde: German composer
  • Elke Fräde: German politician
  • Stefan Fräde: Swedish retired swimmer
  • Ludwig Fräde: German painter
  • Julia Fräde: German alpine skier
  • Jenny Fräde: German mountaineer

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