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More Than A Name: How My iGENEA DNA Test Reconnected Me With My Ancestors And Reinforced My Family Identity

Family name Fuentes

Until recently, my understanding of our family history was based solely on hearsay and documented facts. The iGENEA DNA test has expanded this knowledge, drawing an elaborate map of my roots and transforming my perception of our surname, Fuentes, and my family identity.

Until some weeks ago, my understanding of our family history, specifically related to the Fuentes surname, was limited to the tales passed down generations, and some documented facts from recent centuries. This limited knowledge always filled me with curiosity about who my ancestors really were and where they came from. Stepping into this, I decided to explore my roots further with the help of iGENEA DNA testing.

My DNA results arrived in a neatly organized, elaborate format. One of the most exciting aspects was that the test connected me to the ancient world, unraveling a history not written in books. It changed my perspective of time drastically. I learned that our lineage could be traced back to the Celts, an Iron Age collection of tribes. Our ancestors roamed the landscape of Europe and Asia, thousands of years ago, painting a picturesque tapestry of migration and survival.

According to the DNA report, the descendants of these Celtic warriors appear to have ventured south, towards the Iberian Peninsula, creating a sizable Celtic-Iberian community. This Iberian connection affirmed the origin of our Fuentes surname, which is very common in Spain. The history got even more fascinating with the introduction of Roman influence in this part of Europe. It means our forebears survived the epic wars and cultural shifts of the ages.

Understanding this deep and complex historical background has given my surname, Fuentes, a different depth, one that resonates with centuries of struggle, survival, and migration. It is no longer just a name; it is a testament of time, and of the strength and perseverance of my ancestors whose stories are now written in my genes.

This revelation has also kindled a renewed sense of pride in my family identity. Knowing that our roots extend back to ancient Celtics, through the Iberians, and surviving the Roman Era, brings an overwhelming feeling of connection to the past, and a profound admiration for the resilience that runs through our bloodline, still mirrored in our family spirit.

Besides, understanding our deep past using scientific data has bought some clarity in our family discussions, replacing speculation with fact. Now, we have a new and accurate narrative to include in our family gatherings.

These DNA results, though a simple collection of data, have breathed life into my perspective of the Fuentes surname and my family identity. They have grounded me to my past, reassured me of the strength in my lineage, and armed me with a fascinating tale to pass on to our future generations.

Y. Fuentes

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