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Surname Fullar - Meaning and Origin

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Fullar: What does the surname Fullar mean?

The surname Fullar is an occupational name derived from the Middle English word "fullere" which means ‘feller’ or, someone who cuts or fells trees. It is believed that the surname came from a profession made popular in the 1100s with the rise of wealthy landowners who built forests to supply lumber and hunting grounds for the purpose of sport. The existence of this surname documents the important role that woodcutting had in Norman England.

The first recorded use of this name dates back to 1165 when a Ralph le Fuhler appears in the records of the county of Wiltshire, England. This surname was likely used to distinguish those who worked as a woodcutter from other members of the community.

The name Fullar is still in modern use today and is primarily found in English-speaking countries, with variants being found in Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and the United States. In the United States, census records from 1880 show that there were 615 Fullar families in the country, mostly in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

The surname Fullar is a testament to the important role that woodcutting played in the economy of medieval England and the vital role it still plays in many parts of the world today.

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Fullar: Where does the name Fullar come from?

The last name Fullar is believed to originate from the British Isles, specifically Ireland, where it evolved from the Gaelic name "O Fuilleabháin". The Gaelic word "fuilleabhán" translates to "leafy". Over many centuries and through migration, the name has seen numerous spelling variations, including Foley, O'Foley, Fullam, and of course, Fullar.

While it may not be ranked among the most common surnames globally, the concentration of individuals bearing the Fullar surname today can be primarily found in the United States, Ireland, and England. There has also been a dispersion of the name in Australia and Canada due to historical emigration.

People named Fullar might have roots in any of these countries and could have spread to various parts of the world as a result of diaspora. The variations in spelling and pronunciation in different regions contribute to the global distribution of this surname. It is important to note that the use of this surname is not widespread and remains relatively low globally.

Variations of the surname Fullar

The surname Fullar may have several variations and similar spellings based on region and ancestry. Some of these may include Fuller, Fullore, Fullare, Foller, or Fuler. The surname in question, Fullar, is a variant of the more commonly known surname "Fuller," which could be derived from the Old English term "fullere," pertaining to the occupation of a person who fulled cloth.

There are also variations that are anglicized from different countries like Füller (German), Fouler (French), and Follero (Italian). Some spelling variation emerged due to the phonetic interpretations of the name during immigration.

In some cases, full surnames may be contracted into shorter versions, "Fullerton" could be trimmed into "Fullar". It is important to note that name variations could be influenced by many factors over the centuries including regional dialects, literacy levels, cultural amalgamation and more.

Due to the commonality of the root occupation, it might not strictly represent kinship. Yet, understanding these different variations can be especially helpful when researching family ancestry or genealogy. The connection to a common origin does not necessarily signify a familial relationship.

Famous people with the name Fullar

  • Dr. Patrick Fullar: American Physiologist
  • Tom Fullar: Retired Australian Rules Football player
  • Doğan Fullar: Turkish footballer
  • Mark Fullar: Retired basketball player
  • Greg Fullar: American singer/songwriter
  • Dave Fullar: Retired Football player
  • Dale Fullar: Retired Baseball player
  • Cara Fullar: American Actress
  • David Fullar: American Activist
  • Alexander Fullar: Australian Politician
  • Paul Fullar: Canadian Musician
  • John Fullar: Retired Australian Rules Footballer
  • Dan Fullar: former American college baseball coach
  • Kenny Fullar: Former American ice hockey player
  • Michael Fullar: American ice hockey player
  • Dean Fullar: Australian business leader
  • Marshall Fullar: Former American professional football player
  • Howard Fullar: Retired American basketball player
  • Cecelia Fullar: Australian cellist
  • Nancy Fullar: American film producer

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