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Surname Gabele - Meaning and Origin

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Gabele: What does the surname Gabele mean?

The surname Gabele is a toponymic surname, meaning it was derived from the name of a place. The origins of the surname Gabele have been traced to the Old High German word “gavel,” which means “hollow” or “depression.” This suggests that the Gabele family likely lived in a valley or similar geographical feature, or perhaps they named their home after the land they inhabited.

The Gabele family can be traced back to Germany, where they were among the country’s earliest settlers. They were believed to have been established in the area for centuries, and their name appears in several German records from the 13th century onward. Over time, the members of the Gabele family spread out and began to settle in other countries. They can be found in the United States, Canada, Australia, and beyond.

Despite being a relatively common name, the meaning behind the Gabele surname is still somewhat of a mystery. It’s possible that the Gabele family took their name from a hollow or a valley somewhere in Germany, but this is still uncertain. However, one thing is for sure – the Gabele surname has been present in many different parts of the world for centuries, and it is sure to remain so in the years to come.

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Gabele: Where does the name Gabele come from?

The last name Gabele is most commonly found in southern and central European countries, such as Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia, and Hungary. In Austria, there are around 420 people with the Gabele surname, while in Germany, there are approximately 360 people with the surname Gabele. In Switzerland, there are about 210 people with the surname, and in Slovakia, there are some 30 Gabele families living.

In Hungary, Gabele is a relatively common surname, particularly in the central and northern area of the country. According to the most recent population data, there are around more than 500 people with the Gabele surname in Hungary.

Outside of Europe, the last name Gabele is found in the United States, mostly in North Carolina and California, with some variations of the name being found in South America, particularly in Brazil.

Overall, the last name Gabele is not particularly rare today, and can be found in many countries in Europe and beyond.

Variations of the surname Gabele

The surname Gabele has various variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. The most common variant is the German surname Gabel. It is an occupational name for someone who was a maker or seller of forks, derived from the Middle High German word gabel, meaning "fork." Additionally, there is the variant Gable, which is a Scottish surname derived from the Middle English word gable, meaning "ridge of a roofline." Other variants include Gabelle, Gabell, Gabbel, Gebel, Gaebel, Gabiel, Gabell, Gabellon, Gabler, Gabe, Gabeley, Gabelia, Gabelli, Gaber, Gabert, Gabellini, Gabill, Gabillon, Gavril, Gavron, Gavrel, Gavriel, Gavrill, Gavrilli, and Gavrilo.

The surname Gabele can also be traced back to an ancient Hebrew name, Gavriel. This variant is present in both Eastern European and Jewish communities. In certain cases, it has been a derived name from Gabriel, a popular archangel's name. It has been Anglicized as either “Gabriel” or “Gavriel.” Other variants include Gavrila, Gavrilov, Gavrilovic, Gavrilovna, Gavrile, Gavrill, Gavrilli, and Gaviola.

The surname Gabele is also found in many other non-Germanic languages. It is found in slavic languages as either Gabela or Gabelic. In Dutch and Frisian it is called Gabeler. In Italian and Latin, it is known as Gabelli. In Sweden, it is Gable. In Spanish, it is Gabella. Lastly, the surname is also found in the Jewish community as Gabel.

Famous people with the name Gabele

  • Marco Gabelle, professional soccer player.
  • Giulia Gabele, actress and singer.
  • Arturo Gabelle, Argentinian tennis player.
  • Zig Ted Gabelle, Canadian hockey player.
  • Bruno Gabelle, Brazilian samba musician.
  • Camille Gabelle, French actress.
  • Svevo Gabelle, Italian novelist and short story author.
  • Kofi Gabelle, Ghanaian actor.
  • John Gabelle, British-Jamaican artist.
  • Augusto Gabelle, Italian physicist.
  • Céline Gabelle, French film director.
  • J.G. Gabelle, American singer-songwriter.
  • Giovanna Gabelle, Swiss-Italian poet.
  • Dani Gabelle, Dutch singer-songwriter.
  • Keir Gabelle, Australian-born actor.
  • Nico Gabelle, American skateboarder.
  • Rachel Gabelle, Belgian abstract painter.
  • Alain Gabelle, French author and game designer.
  • Olivier Gabelle, French fashion designer.

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