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Surname Gabriels - Meaning and Origin

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Gabriels: What does the surname Gabriels mean?

The last name Gabriels is of Spanish origin, and it is derived from two elements: the name Gabriel (the angel's name) and a suffix indicating descent, "-el". It is combination of a given name and an inherited family name which passed from the father to the descendants.

The given name Gabriel is derived from the Hebrew name Gavri'el, meaning "God is my strength". This name is given to many boys throughout the history of Spanish Christianity, strongly related to the Archangel Gabriel.

The suffix "-el", meaning "son of", was used to distinguish between people with the same given name, or for added emphasis on an ancestor's name, or to a well-known family. In this particular case, the last name translates to "son of Gabriel", indicating the son of a man named Gabriel, so the name was most likely, passed on from one male ancestor in a particular family line.

Over the centuries the last name Gabriels has been found in different countries, states and regions, reflecting the paths taken by family members. In the USA, it is most commonly found in Florida, California, Texas and New York.

The use of surnames was first recorded in Spain in the 9th century, so it is likely that the family originated from a long lineage from Spain or a place with Spanish influences.

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Gabriels: Where does the name Gabriels come from?

The last name Gabriels is commonly found today throughout Europe, particularly in Mediterranean countries such as Portugal, Spain, France, and Italy. It is also prevalent in the Americas, especially Brazil, United States, and Canada.

In Portugal, Gabriels is derived from Gabriel, which is the Portuguese and Spanish form of the name Gabriel. This name is a popular given name in the Romance languages and is derived from the Biblical archangel. The variant Sebastião is also popular, which is derived from Sebastiano, the Italian form of the name Sebastian.

In Spain, Gabriels is also derived from Gabriel, which is a common surname. It is also believed to have originated from a place-name associated with Catalonia and Galicia as it is found across those regions.

In France, the surname Gabriels is derived from Gabriel, which is one of the most popular first names in the country due to its textual foundation. The surname was also popularized during the French Revolution, where many noble families changed their surnames to more revolutionary monikers and the popular Gabriel was one of the choices.

In Italy, Gabriels is believed to be derived from the surname Gagliard, which is also found in the United States. Gabriels is also found in other parts of Europe, such as Germany, Austria, Poland, Russia, Sweden, and Norway.

In the Americas, the surname is derived from Gabriel and other forms of the name, as well as from Spanish, Portuguese, and French immigrants. In the United States, it is the 363rd most common last name, and it is the 106th most common last name in Brazil. In Canada, Gabriels is the 1,076th most common last name overall.

Variations of the surname Gabriels

The surname Gabriels is a patronymic surname which means “son of Gabriel”, and is derived from a given name of Hebrew origin, transliterated from the Hebrew Gabhrîēl ‘man of God’ or ‘God is my strength’. In different countries, the surnamesGabriels, Gabriele, Gabrielle, Gabrielli, Gabriello, Gabriales, Gabriela, Gabriella, Gabriely, Gabryelle, Gabryel, Gabrieli, Gabriell, Gabryl and others are derived from the same root, and are often used interchangeably. The Italian version of this name is "Gabe", and the French version is "Gaubert".

In addition, the surnameGabriel is sometimes also found as "Gabrielson" in Swedish, "Gebreselassie" in Amharic, "Gabriz" in Spanish, "Gavrilov" or "Gavrilenko" in Russian, "Gabrelli" in Austrian, "Gabrysiak" in Polish or "Gabrieš" in Czech.

These favorable variants of the name "Gabriels" are cognates, which means they have similar linguistic origins and similar meanings. Consequently, they may have originated from the same root, although the spelling of the surname can slightly differ from each other. Thus, families and people with similar surnames may have ties and even relation through a common origin.

Famous people with the name Gabriels

  • Donny Gabriels: Actor and Comedian.
  • Gabriel Gabor: Actor.
  • Carmelynne Gabriels: Musician and Producer.
  • Delilah Gabriels: Former Television Presenter and Radio DJ.
  • Jai Gabriels: Film and Theatre Director.
  • Gabrielle Union: Actress and Activist.
  • Amber Gabriels: Reality TV Personality.
  • Chandra Gabriels: Award-Winning Poet, Painter and Sculptor.
  • Louis Gabriels: Professional Basketball Player.
  • Joleen Gabriels: Former Model and Event Planner.
  • Trevon Gabriels: Professional Football Player.
  • Lawrence Gabriels: Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.
  • Isaih Gabriels: Professional Baseball Player.
  • Dante Gabriels: Corporate Lawyer.
  • Maryanne Gabriels: Renowned Music Educator.
  • Ellie Gabriels: Interior Designer.
  • Joe Gabriels: Politician and Former Mayor of New York City.
  • Kim Gabriels: Actress and Singer.
  • Giselle Gabriels: Financial Analyst.
  • Christopher Gabriels: Award-Winning Author.

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