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Surname Geigert - Meaning and Origin

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Geigert: What does the surname Geigert mean?

The last name Geigert is a German surname that has its origins in the Middle Ages. It is derived from the ancient Germanic word "Gega", meaning "Neither", as well as the suffix "-hart", meaning "brave, hardy". Together, this means "neither brave nor hardy".

The first recorded instance of the surname dates back to 15th century Bavaria, when the family of the name was recorded in the region of Freising. Over time, the surname spread throughout the German-speaking regions of Europe and eventually made its way to the United States in the 19th century.

Today, the name Geigert is an uncommon one, but is still a recognizable German-American name. As with many other surnames, it has retained its original meaning over time, and serves as an interesting reminder of both past and present. Those with the name often feel a close connection to their heritage, and many take pride in their ancestry and cultural background.

Geigert is a unique name that reflects the diversity of present-day America, and serves as a reminder of how far the country has come. While the name is not common, it is still recognizable throughout German-American communities and is a reminder of both the past and the present.

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Geigert: Where does the name Geigert come from?

The last name Geigert is most commonly found today in Germany. The name originated in German-speaking countries and the roots of the name can be traced back to early German and Austria surnames. According to genealogical records, the Geigert surname has been found mainly in the south of Germany, and records indicate that most of the descendants of the Geigert family can be found in Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and other parts of the former German Empire. Currently, the largest number of people with this name are concentrated in the provinces of Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and Saxony.

Outside of Germany, the name Geigert has also spread to many other countries with a significant German diaspora. This includes the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, as well as other countries in Europe and Latin America. In the U.S., most of those with the surname are located throughout the Midwest, especially in states like Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan.

The Geigert name is still a relatively common one and is still being passed down through generations of German descendants. As the surname continues to spread around the world, it is likely to become even more widespread in the future.

Variations of the surname Geigert

Geigert is a German surname with a long and interesting history. The most common variant of Geigert is Geiger, which is the original spelling of the surname and is still the most commonly found variant today. This is not the only version of the name, though. Other variants of Geigert include Giger, Gieger, Giegert, Geigerte, Geigerth, Gaigert, Gaygert, Gaygertz, Geygert, Gagert, Gagertz, Geygart, Geygartt, Geyger, and Gaiger.

Most of these surname variants have the same origin and convey the same meaning—‘pertaining to a musician or instrument maker’—as they all refer to the profession of a musician or instrument maker. In the early Middle Ages, such a profession was already referred to as 'Geiger', which evolved to Geigert over the centuries.

More recent changes in spelling can be attributed to the phonetic rules of individual languages or countries. Spelling variations of Geigert, like Giegert, Geigerte, Gagertz, Geygert, or Gaigert, for example, all stem from a German phonetic spelling rule, whereas Gaygert, Geygartt, and Gaiger all originated from the traditional phonetic spellings of certain French-speaking regions.

The Geigert surname is also sometimes found as a hyphenated use of surname combinations, such as 'Schmid-Geiger' and 'Rosenberger-Geiger' in modern times, which combine the Geigert surname with other German surnames. All of these variants of Geigert ultimately find their origin in the early Middle Ages and the profession of musician or instrument maker.

Famous people with the name Geigert

  • Will Geigert: American actor and editor
  • Charles Geigert: American cinematographer
  • Christina Geigert: Swedish TV presenter
  • Ella Geigert: Czech alpine skier
  • Joe Geigert: American race car driver
  • Nicole Geigert: Argentine model
  • Steve Geigert: American computer scientist
  • Marcel Geigert: Swiss footballer
  • Josef Geigert: German artist
  • John Geigert: Australian paralympic swimmer
  • Griffin Geigert: American singer-songwriter
  • Horst Geigert: German composer and conductor
  • Ursula Geigert: British field hockey player
  • Theodore Geigert: American inventor
  • Kurt Geigert: German stage director
  • Klaus Geigert: German historian

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