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Surname Gellinek - Meaning and Origin

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Gellinek: What does the surname Gellinek mean?

The last name Gellinek is a German and Jewish surname, meaning “son of Gellin.” Gellin is an old German first name, derived from the Latin term gellinus, meaning “little goose” or “little joy.” It was first used as a nickname for an individual with a playful or joyful disposition, and later adopted as a surname.

The earliest record of the Gellinek family appears in the 13th century. Since then, its members have spread across Europe, with concentrations in the Netherlands, Germany, and Eastern Europe. In the modern day, the Gellinek name is most commonly associated with Germany.

The Gellinek family has a long and varied history. Members of the Gellinek clan have carved out successful lives in many different fields, ranging from the military to the arts. Notable Gellineks include F.A. Gellinek, Jr., a 19th century businessman and philanthropist; Max Gellinek, a prominent lawyer in post-WWI Germany; and Antonio Gellinek, a neoexpressionist painter from Bulgaria.

The Gellinek name continues to carry with it a great deal of prestige and accolade. It is a symbol of accomplishment, dedication, and joy--traits that have been in the family for centuries.

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Gellinek: Where does the name Gellinek come from?

The last name Gellinek is most commonly found in Germany and its surrounding countries today. The name originated in the mid 16th century and is a German word that means "one who plays music on a string instrument." Records of the name first appear in the German state of Mecklenburg and it has since spread across Germany and Europe.

More recently, Gellinek emigrants have brought the name to the United States. According to census records, the top five most popular states for Americans with the last name Gellinek are Arizona, California, Nevada, Illinois, and Florida. The name is also found in Canada, Mexico, and South America.

The most common spelling of the name today is Gellinek. Other alternative spellings include Gelink, Gelinck, Gelinck, and Gelinik. It is believed that the name has also been adapted to other languages since it has spread to other countries. For example, in Greek it has been recorded as Γελλινεκ or Gellinek, and in Swedish as Gellink or Gellinck.

Overall, the last name Gellinek is most commonly found in the German-speaking world and in the United States. Families with this surnname can be traced back to Germany, where the name first emerged, and have since been spread across Europe, North America, and potentially other parts of the world.

Variations of the surname Gellinek

Gellinek is an old German surname, most commonly found in the Rhineland area. It might also be spelled as Gelenk, Hellenk or Hellinek.

The earliest record of the Gellinek name is from the city of Bremen in 1322. Here, a certain "Johann Gellinek" is listed in a city directory. By the early 1400s, the Gellinek family had spread out from Bremen to form separate branches in Regenburg and Bamberg.

Since spelling conventions have changed over the centuries, various variants of the name can be found in records. Other spellings include Gellenk, Geleinek, Gellenek, Helleinek, Hellinek, Hellenk, Gelenk and Gellinck.

As with many surnames of German origin, the Gellinek name is typically associated with a number of surnames of similar origin. These include Hallenk, Hellingk, Hilleinek, Heineken, Hellinck, Gonnenk and Hellein. The most common of these variants is Hellingk, which is the most common version of the name found in the Rhineland today.

The Gellinek surname is still quite common in Germany, and can also be found in some areas of the US and Canada, where descendants of German immigrants now reside.

Famous people with the name Gellinek

  • Conrad Gellinek: German novelist
  • Harry Gellinek: Austrian film director
  • Noah Gellinek: German author and businessman
  • Stephan Gellinek: German actor
  • Henry Gellinek: German actor
  • Sir Charles Gellinek: British soldier and diplomat
  • Gustave Gellinek: German anatomist and surgeon
  • Kathleen Gellinek: German stage and costume designer
  • Keith Gellinek: American ice hockey player
  • Aiden Gellinek: Canadian professional wrestler
  • Ria Gellinek: German printmaker
  • Karl Gellinek: German athlete
  • Robert Gellinek: German portrait painter
  • Debra Gellinek: American attorney and lobbyist
  • August Gellinek: German economist
  • Miriam Gellinek: German actress
  • Toby Gellinek: American actor
  • Joanna Gellinek: German model
  • Gregor Gellinek: German actor
  • Amelia Gellinek: German journalist.

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