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Surname Gennell - Meaning and Origin

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Gennell: What does the surname Gennell mean?

The last name Gennell is of English origin and is thought to have derived from the Old English descriptive name 'Gyll', which means valiant in battle. It is also possible that the name originated from a topographical feature, such as a gill – a narrow passage between two slopes of a hill.

The word 'Gill' was originally used to refer to a mountain stream, and may have taken on the form 'Gennell' over time. It is possible that someone with the surname Gennell may have originally lived near a gill, or a bottom of a valley in the early centuries.

As the name progressed through the generations, it began to take on variants such as Gennell, Gynell, Ginel and Gennule. The last name 'Gennell' may have first been found in Kent, an area in southeastern England, where most of the ancient family resided.

The Gennells are believed to be a proud family, with many members having distinguished records in military and civil service. Since the Middle Ages they have been mainly found in Kent, but later migrated to Ireland, Australia and elsewhere.

Today, the Gennells are a diverse group of people who can trace their origins to England. They are still linked to the achievements of their ancestors, proud of their family name and its meaning.

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Gennell: Where does the name Gennell come from?

The last name Gennell is most common in the United States, particularly in the states of Ohio, California, New York, and Pennsylvania. It has also seen some growth in England and Wales in recent times.

The origin of this surname is thought to be either Irish or English. Some records suggest that the family could have come from Ireland, although this is uncertain. In England, Gennell is common among the West Country or Devon and Cornwall. Of course, most of the Gennell families can now be found throughout the United States.

In the US, it is most common in states such as Pennsylvania, Ohio, and California. In Pennsylvania, especially Philadelphia, Gennell families are known to have lived in the community for quite some time. In Ohio, the name is also quite popular, and many Gennells can be found living in the Dayton and Cincinnati areas. In California, the name is especially popular in Los Angeles.

Overall, Gennell is an interesting name with an uncertain origin. Its presence across northern Europe, and in particular the United States, suggests that it has been around for centuries. It continues to be popular, with families throughout the United States proudly claiming the name as their own.

Variations of the surname Gennell

The surname Gennell has origins in both England and Scotland. The variations, spellings and surnames of the same origin for the surname Gennell include:

Gennal, Gennall, Gennale, Gennell, Gennel, Gennalley, Genal, Genale, Jennal, Jennall, Jennale, Jenell, Jennel, Jennalley, Kenal, Kenall, Kenale, Kenell, Kenel, Kenalley.

In England, the surname can be traced back to an early Anglo-Norman Barony under Richard de Gennal. The Baron was involved in a number of land disputes and in 1227, had to petition the court in London in order to regain title to lands held in Scotland.

In Scotland, Gennell is an old Scottish border surname, which is considered to be a form of the name Kenneth. The form Gennell appears in historical names from Scotland as early as the late 13th century, and likely has its origin in the Old English name Keneth or Kenthe.

In the United States, descendants of the Gennells and Gennales anglicized their name to Jennels, Jenals and Jennales. Other surnames related to Gennell include the Scottish names Kennal and Kennall, as well as the English surnames Kennel, Jennell and Jennal.

Today, Gennell remains a relatively rare surname in England, Scotland and the U.S. and is often found amongst families with Scottish and Anglo-Norman ancestry.

Famous people with the name Gennell

  • Robert Gennell: is an American film and television actor who was born in Buffalo, New York.
  • Erin Gennell: is a Canadian actress and singer from Vancouver, British Columbia.
  • Matthew Gennell: is a British actor and director who has appeared in various British television series and films.
  • Kyle Gennell: is an American composer and producer who has garnered praise for his scores for various movies and television shows.
  • Philippa Gennell: is an English actress who is best known for her roles in the television series Hustle and The Bill.
  • Richard Gennell: is a professional wrestling announcer from the 1960s to the present.
  • Charley Gennell: is an American chef and restaurateur who hails from Richmond, Virginia.
  • Cyril Gennell: is a former Canadian politician who represented the riding of Northumberland from 1980 to 1993.
  • Kelly Gennell: is an American songwriter and music producer based in Los Angeles, California.
  • Robert Gennell Jr.: is a former professional American football player who played for several NFL teams during the 1990s.

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