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Surname Gerard - Meaning and Origin

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Q. Gerard

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Gerard: What does the surname Gerard mean?

The last name Gerard is of French origin, derived from the Germanic given name Gerard. It is a compound of two elements "geri" meaning spear and "hardu" meaning brave or strong. This combination is thought to denote someone who is brave and strong with the use of a spear.

The name Gerard has endured for centuries and is still popular in France today. Historically, the name Gerard was used to describe a heroic, chivalrous knight. This type of knight was expected to be brave, noble, and loyal in the service of a King or lord. The name may also have been derived from the Latin word "germanicus", meaning belonging to the same tribe or people.

Gerard is also popular as a surname and is found in various countries. For instance, it is one of the most popular surnames in the Colombian region of Antioquia.

Throughout the centuries, some of the most famous people with the surname Gerard include the 12th century French saint, a Spanish cardinal of the 16th century, as well as British and Dutch painters, amongst others.

Overall, the last name Gerard is derived from two Germanic elements of "geri" meaning spear and "hardu" meaning brave or strong, thus implying a heroic and loyal warrior. Over time, this name has come to describe people across countless cultures who exhibit the same qualities.

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Gerard: Where does the name Gerard come from?

The last name Gerard is most commonly found in Belgium and the northern region of France. It is estimated that there are around 50,000 people who currently bear this name throughout the world. Gerard is thought to have originated as a personal name of Germanic origin, which was associated with the name of Gerard of Bavaria who was the Duke of Lorraine in the 10th century.

It is also widely found in the United States, particularly in states such as New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Texas, Pennsylvania, and New York. Furthermore, it has spread across the globe with notable populations in Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and parts of Europe. In Germany, the popularity of this name has waned in recent years, likely due to the fact that the name has become associated with the mathematician and philosopher Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, who was born "Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz".

Across the world, Gerard is largely believed to mean ‘strong spear-holder’ or ‘bold and brave’ which is reflected in the many famous people who bear this name including the French fashion designer Yves Saint-Laurent. Today, the name Gerard is essentially known as an elegant and sophisticated name that carries a legacy of strength, bravery and honour.

Variations of the surname Gerard

The surname Gerard has many variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. Common variants include Garrard, Gearard, Garratt, Gerred, Geralde, Geralds, and Garred.

Gerard is thought to have originated as a German name, from a biblical place name. As German settlers immigrated to other countries in the early 16th century, the spelling of the name evolved in those countries. Thus, the Gerard surname appeared in a number of different spellings.

English variants of the name include Gerrode, Garret, Gerretts, Garrod, Garrath, Garradh, Garrardt, Garrith, Gerhardt, Gearheart, Garrodh, Garrother, Garrat, Gerhardts, and Garreth.

The French version of the name is Gérault, Gerardot, Géraud, Gèrard, and Gerauld. Other French variant spellings of the name include Jérard and Gérardot.

Variants of the name in other countries include Gerhards (Dutch), Gerhard (Scandinavian), Gerards (Irish), Gjerde (Norwegian), Jaroslav (Czech), and Geraard (Flemish).

In Spain, where the surname originated, variants include Gerardo, Yerardo, Geragdo, Jerardo, Xeard, and Girado.

Despite the differences in the various spelling of the surname, it all refers back to the same name. The often-used nickname of "Gerry" has also become popular for many of those who share this surname.

Famous people with the name Gerard

  • Jeremy Gerard: American theatre critic, playwright, and journalist.
  • Chad Michael Gerard: American actor, director, producer, and writer.
  • Gérard Depardieu: French actor, filmmaker, and businessman.
  • Bryan Gerard: American actor, film producer, and screenwriter.
  • Helena Gerard: British actress and comedian.
  • Kyle Gerard: American actor, director, cinematographer, and visual effects supervisor.
  • Lucy Gerard: Canadian actress and voice artist.
  • William Gerard: American cartoonist.
  • Emily Gerard: Scottish writer and novelist.
  • Myron Gerard: American flat racing jockey.
  • Aidan Gerard: Welsh Actor.
  • Mason Gerard: American television director.
  • Lauren Gerard: British independent filmmaker.
  • Bettie Gerard: Canadian singer-songwriter, actress, and model.
  • Angus Gerard: British stage and television actor.
  • Luke Gerard: American actor.
  • Joe Gerard: American professional basketball player.
  • Cameron Gerard: American songwriter and producer.
  • Kenneth Gerard: American politician and labor leader.
  • Christina Gerard: British award-winning television producer.

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