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Surname Gilard - Meaning and Origin

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Gilard: What does the surname Gilard mean?

The surname Gilard originates from the ancient French language, particularly from the region of Normandy. It is a derivative of the personal name "Gilbert," which is a compound of two Germanic words - "gisil," which translates to "pledge, hostage, noble youth," and "berht," which means "bright or famous." Over time, "Gilbert" evolved and took different forms based on regional dialects and language shifts, one of which is Gilard. Therefore, the name Gilard can be interpreted as "bright pledge" or "famous youth." Like many other surnames from the medieval period, Gilard may have been either a given name or a nickname before becoming a hereditary surname. It is important to note that meanings of surnames can vary and change over time and across regions, so this interpretation is one of many possibilities.

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Famous people with the name Gilard

  • Michel Gilard: French politician and Member of the National Assembly of France since 2002.
  • Lucio Gilard: Italian soccer player who is currently playing for Italian club Palermo.
  • Emeraude Gilard: French diversified media and entertainment company's managing director.
  • Paul-Gustave van Hecke: Belgian painter in oil whose works mainly featured landscapes of the North Sea.
  • Jacques Gilard: French actor and screenwriter, best known for his film Man with a Gun.
  • Michael Gilard: Dominican American television director, film director, and producer.
  • Vicente Gilard: Spanish poet, playwright and politician.
  • Mireille Gilard: French cellist, known for her recordings and performances of French baroque music.
  • Philippe Gilard: French businessperson, politician, mayor of Le Havre since 1989.
  • Giuseppe Gilard: Italian artist who has worked in the music, movie, and book industry, in particular, baroque music. He has recorded numerous original compositions.

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