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Surname Gilberts - Meaning and Origin

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Gilberts: What does the surname Gilberts mean?

The last name Gilberts is an English patronymic surname derived from the given names Gilbert and Gilbride, both of which are of Germanic origin. It is believed that the name originated from the Kingdom of England during the 11th century when Germanic tribes invaded England. The exact etymology of the name is uncertain, though it is likely related to the Old German name Giselbert, which literally translates to "pledge and bright".

The surname Gilberts is seen commonly throughout England and the British Isles. Today, the name is more frequently seen in the United States and Canada. It appears to be especially popular in rural areas. Historically, the Gilberts family played an important role in English society, with various members serving as influential military, political, and religious leaders.

More recently, the surname Gilberts is mentioned in various works of literature. From the books of Alice Sebold, John Updike and Thomas Hardy, to the bond films issued in the 1960s onwards, the name Gilberts stands out as a common element in English-speaking countries.

The Gilberts family have been known throughout history for their strength, tenacity, and perseverance. As a result, a popular saying about this Čfamily originated: "Behind Every Successful Man, there is a Gilbert." This saying speaks to the legacy of the Gilberts and is a testament to their lasting story and impact on English culture.

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Gilberts: Where does the name Gilberts come from?

The last name Gilberts is most commonly found in the United States. Currently, 83% of all people with this surname live in the US. This surname is also found in various other countries such as Canada, Mexico, England, Ireland, Puerto Rico, and Germany.

In the US, Gilberts is primarily found in northeast and central states, particularly in Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey and the entire New York metropolitan area. It is also found in larger, mid-Atlantic states of Virginia, Maryland and revitalized areas of Michigan, Indiana and Illinois, in particular Chicago and its surrounding suburbs.

In terms of demographics, most Gilberts are of European-American ancestry and come from German or English backgrounds. The largest population of Gilberts in the US is found in Pennsylvania, and it is estimated that more than 10,000 individuals with this surname live in this state alone.

In terms of the social and economic situation for persons with this last name, statistics show that Gilberts in the US have higher than average levels of education, with more than half having at least a college degree. Incomes are above the national median for the general population, and Gilberts tend to have occupations in more technical and managerial positions.

Variations of the surname Gilberts

The surname Gilberts is derived from the personal name Gilbert, which is of Germanic origin and is derived from the words “gisil” meaning “pledge” and “beraht” meaning “bright”. This name is found throughout Europe with variants in different languages.

In English, other spellings of this name include Gilbart, Gilbirt, Gylbart, Gylbirt, and Gilbird. In Welsh, this name appears as Gwillim. In Spanish, it is spelled Gilberto, in Portuguese Gilert, and in French Guilbert.

The surname Gilberts can also be found with different surname spellings. These include Gilburt, Gilburd, Gillbert, Gylbert, Gylbur, Gylburt, and Gilberd.

Some common variant names of the same origin include Gilbertus, Gilbertz, and Giselbert. These are German names derived from Gilbert, intended for religious figures or people deemed pious.

There are also some surname suffixes associated with the surname Gilberts. These include Gilbertson, Gilberson, Gilbertsson, Gilbertsen, Gilbertzoon, Gilberetson, Gelbertson, and Gylpersson, which are all of Scandinavian origin.

All of these surnames ultimately point to Gilbert as the root name with small changes in spelling and suffixes depending on the language and time period.

Famous people with the name Gilberts

  • Tiffany Gilbert: American actress known for portraying Rain Wilkins on the television series One Tree Hill.
  • Billy Gilbert: American silent film and vaudeville actor, voice actor, and comedian.
  • Christopher Gilbertson: British composer and producer, primarily for film and television.
  • Kathryn Gilbert: Canadian mezzo-soprano opera singer.
  • Bruno Gilbert: American inventor who held more than 150 patents for products ranging from golf equipment to aircraft components.
  • Eric Gilbert: The drummer and backing vocalist for the punk rock band Social Distortion.
  • Stephen Gilbertson: English dramatist, actor, director, and writer.
  • Carina Gilbertson: Norwegian artist, designer, architect and musician.
  • David Gilbert: American professional bowler.
  • Nella Gilbert: Canadian harpist, orchestral musician and educator who has premiered works by contemporary composers and regularly performs for dance, theatre and the cinema.

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