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Surname Gilder - Meaning and Origin

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Gilder: What does the surname Gilder mean?

The last name Gilder originates from the Middle English word 'gylder,' which derived from a combination of Old English words, 'gyldan' and 'gyldere.' It was an occupational name used to describe a worker in the gold trade. Someone with the surname Gilder was likely a goldsmith, a person skilled in goldworking, including the crafting of jewelry, vessels, and various objects from gold, silver, and other precious metals.

In the United States, Gilder is a mostly British surname and is likely primarily held by those with English ancestry. Similarly in the United Kingdom, the name is most commonly found in England. Many of the earliest records of the name Gilder indicated that it had also been used in historical records as a nickname.

In some cases, the use of Gilder as a last name would be attributed to someone working in the goldsmith trade. It could also be tied to someone who was a successful entrepreneur or a person involved in fields like finance or banking.

Gilder is a unique last name that reflects a proud family history and occupational craftsmanship. By having it as a family name, generations to come can take pride in their ancestors’ skill and legacy.

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Gilder: Where does the name Gilder come from?

The last name Gilder is common among countries with English-speaking populations. It is common in the United States but is especially prevalent in England. The 2011 National Census of England and Wales revealed that Gilder was the 2,655th most common last name out of all surnames reported. In Scotland, Gilder is the 1,639th most frequent last name.

In the United States, Gilder is more common in some states than in others. Texas, California, and New York are all states in which Gilder ranks high compared to other states. According to the 1990 United States Federal Census, Gilder was ranked the 570th most frequent last name in the country.

The Gilder surname is of English origin, and it appears to be derived from old German words. Its original meaning is related to goldsmiths and other professions involving the crafting of precious metals. It is also associated with gold plating and other types of metal decoration. In modern times, people bearing the Gilder name can be found in many different professions, ranging from lawyers to doctors and engineers. Overall, Gilder remains a common last name in both England and the United States today.

Variations of the surname Gilder

Gilder is an English surname of uncertain origins. It is an occupational name which most likely derived from the old English word "gyldan" meaning to "gild" or "coat with gold." It is likely that the name refers to a person who was involved in the gilding of surfaces, or perhaps a goldsmith or moneylender.

The most common variants of the Gilder surname are Gilders, Gilderoy, Gilderoye, Gilderay, Gildred, Gildrede, and Gylders. Less common spellings of this surname include Gildray, Gyldray, Gildrett, Gyldrett, Gildredge, Gyldredge, Gild Millionaire, Goldmillionaire, Gilderom, Gylderom, and Gilderoye.

Surnames which sound similar to Gilder, but are not thought to be related to the same origin, include Gildart, Gilderman, Guilder, and Gylder. All of these names are of different origin than Gilder.

One of the most well-known persons with the surname Gilder is English explorer Richard Gilder (1844-1909). He was a successful businessman and philanthropist who helped fund the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. He was a member of the British Royal Geographical Society.

The name Gilder is relatively rare, though there are still pockets of families bearing the name scattered throughout the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, and Canada.

Famous people with the name Gilder

  • Richard Gilder: a stock broker and philanthropist who is best known for his time on the Board of Trustees of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.
  • George Gilder: an American conservative author, economist, and investment advisor known for pushing free market ideals such as the supply-side economy.
  • Lewis Gilder: a book editor who served as the editor-in-chief at Harper & Row from 1953 to 1969 where he was responsible for the publication of influential books by authors such as J.D. Salinger, Evelyn Waugh, and James Baldwin.
  • Steve Gilder: an American guitarist, songwriter, and producer based in Los Angeles, CA, whose band Blue Oyster Cult is credited with writing some of the most well-known rock songs of the 1970s such as "Burnin' for You" and "Godzilla".
  • Sidney Gilder: a former NFL defensive tackle who played nine seasons in the NFL and was a three-time Pro Bowl selection.
  • John Gilder: a Catholic painter who made a name for himself in the Royal Academy of Arts in 18th century London.
  • Josiah Gilder: a 19th century American Civil War veteran and servant of the Massachusetts legislature.
  • Alison Gilder: a Hollywood costumer whose credits include films such as Star Trek: Into Darkness, The Grinch, and Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World.
  • Jeremy Gilder: a British lawyer and former managing director with Deutsche Bank in London.
  • Eileen Gilder: a British author and journalist whose science-related works have been featured in newspapers and magazines such as The Guardian and New Scientist.

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