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Surname Glasson - Meaning and Origin

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Glasson: What does the surname Glasson mean?

The surname Glasson is of English origin, specifically from Cornwall in Southwestern England. It is believed to be a locational surname derived from a place named "Glasson" near Falmouth in the county of Cornwall. The name possibly has Cornish roots, where it means 'a place at the end', presumably referring to a geographical feature such as the end of a road, valley or other site.

Some theories suggest that it may have been associated with an occupational name related to glassmaking or glass selling. Others believe that it could be derived from the Old English word "Glaes" meaning "Glass" and using the suffix "ton" meaning "town". However, these interpretations are speculative and not definitively proven.

Notably, the use of surnames was not common until the Norman Conquest in the 11th century when their use began to spread as a way to distinguish between individuals with the same given name, frequently reflecting one's occupation, location, or father's name (patronymic).

It should also be noted that the meaning of a surname often changes over centuries and can be influenced by linguistic, cultural, and regional evolutions.

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Glasson: Where does the name Glasson come from?

The surname Glasson is of English origin and is derived from a place-name. There are two towns in England named Glasson: one in Lancashire and the other in Cumbria. The name might indicate one's residence in or near such towns. The first recorded spelling of the family name is traced back to the 14th century in Cornwall.

Today, people with the Glasson surname can be found in various countries across the globe, primarily in English-speaking regions. However, the highest concentrations of people with the Glasson surname are in Australia, the UK, the United States, New Zealand, and Canada. Despite its dispersion worldwide, it remains relatively uncommon. As per many genealogical databases and census records, the last name Glasson is less prevalent compared to many other surnames.

Variations of the surname Glasson

The surname Glasson primarily has an English origin and is derived from the Old English words 'glasen', which means 'glass', and 'tun', meaning 'settlement' or 'village'. It is a toponymic surname that originally referred to people who resided in the villages known as Glasson in the counties of Lancashire and Cumberland in England.

Variant spellings and phonetic equivalents of the name might include Glasen, Glason, Glasun, Glassan, and Glasonn. Other potentially related forms could be Glasstone or Glasstown, according to the original meaning of 'glass settlement'.

Some possible earlier variants from Old English records could be Glasentun or Glæsetune.

French Huguenots who came to England after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes in the 17th century also adopted anglicized surnames, and Glasson could have similarly come from the French 'Glascon' or 'Glasson,' both of which similarily relate to glass-working.

However, it's important to remember that spelling was not standardized in the English language until the 18th century. Many surnames have evolved over time, with multiple variations often existing simultaneously based on regional differences, levels of literacy, and individual penmanship. Consequently, the surname Glasson could have been recorded differently in different documents.

Lastly, like many English surnames, it was also likely anglicized upon the family's arrival in English-speaking countries like the US, Canada, or Australia, so new variations might exist in these countries today.

Famous people with the name Glasson

  • William Taylor Glasson: An esteemed scholar, William was a Professor of Political Economy and Social Science at Duke University. He also served as President of the University from 1910 to 1924.
  • Elizabeth Glasson: More commonly known as Beth, she is an Australian nurse and the former President of the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation.
  • Thomas Glasson: A renowned media personality, Thomas is an Australian journalist and television presenter known for his works with ABC and Al Jazeera English.
  • Helen Glasson: She is a renowned Australian neurologist and health informatics specialist.
  • Mark Glasson: An Australian social worker committed to community welfare. He is the CEO of Anglicare WA.
  • Louisa 'Lou' Glasson: Although a fictional character, she is a notable figure with the last name Glasson. Lou is a recognisable character from the British TV show Doc Martin, played by actress Caroline Catz.
  • James Glasson: He was a famous British colonial administrator known for his role as Chief Justice of Ceylon.
  • Paul Glasson: An Australian entrepreneur, Paul is known for his works in bridging business relations between Australia and China.

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