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Surname Goeddertz - Meaning and Origin

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Goeddertz: What does the surname Goeddertz mean?

Goeddertz, an uncommon German surname, is derived from the Middle High German word “goet,” meaning “good.” The meaning of Goeddertz could therefore be interpreted as “of good quality,” signifying an honorable person. It is believed to be of noble origin, referencing a family of knights of high social standing. Goeddertz may also be associated with the god of ancient Germanic mythology, Goed (or “good”).

The Goeddertz family were prominent in the locality of Munster in Germany. The family spread to other areas of Germany, and also settled in parts of Estonia, such as the town of Pootsk in Valga County. Dutch and Polish speakers in Germany may also possess this surname. There is evidence of the Goeddertz surname in North America, having been brought over by immigrants from German-speaking countries such as Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

Goeddertz may also be a variant form of Gudert, another German surname derived from the Middle High German ‘guter’, meaning ‘good’. Other variants of Goeddertz include Goederts, Goedts, Goedde, Gooderts and Goethe. The variation between Goeddertz and Gudert83dates back to Medieval Germany, with the spelling 'Goeddertz' likely to have originated earlier than the Gudert form which is recorded as Blanc Goeddertz in 1540.

Overall, the surname Goeddertz signifies virtuousness and honor. Its noble origin reflects on its bearers, while its multiple spelling variations show how ancient German names can boast a rich and diverse heritage.

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Goeddertz: Where does the name Goeddertz come from?

The last name Goeddertz is most common today in the Netherlands, particularly in the northwest and the Gelderland region. The name is also found throughout Europe, especially in Luxembourg, Sweden, Hungary, and Poland. It is also found in the United States and Canada.

The name Goeddertz is a patronymic form of "Godard" and is derived from the old Dutch name "Goedhard", which means "God is strong". It can also come from the Germanic elements "good" and "hard".

One of the earliest records of this name dates back to 1533, when an Anno Goedhart was mentioned in Amsterdam. The name has become increasingly common in the past few hundred years, partly as a result of immigration to the Americas.

In the Netherlands, the name Goeddertz is typically Dutchified to Goedhart, Goedert, and Goedhard. In the United States, the name Goedert is most commonly seen. Variations on the name are also seen in German-speaking countries, where forms like Goedhard, Goedhardt, and Goedhart are seen.

Today, the name Goeddertz is found in many countries in Europe and North America, where families bearing the name, or ancestors of the same, have settled. It has become a common name in both countries.

Variations of the surname Goeddertz

The Goeddertz surname is of Dutch origin and has a number of variants, spellings, and surnames. Some of the variants and spellings include Godertz, Goertz, Goedert, and Goddeertz. These variants typically arose out of misconceptions regarding how to spell the name as a result of foreigners struggling to eventually Latinize the spelling into their native tongues. For this reason, the remaining variants tend to be regional, depending on the particular country and type of language used.

In Germany, for example, the surname is often spelled as Goertz or Goedert. In Scandinavia, such as Norway, Goeddertz has been adapted to Gudde. In South Africa, the Dutch influence resulted in many anglicized surnames, such as Gorder, Gorter, Goterriss, Gotersack, Gottert, Gotheridge, Gothers, Gudderes, Gudderress, Gotherick, Godderick, or Geddey. These are all believed to originate from the same ancestral Dutch name, Goeddertz, most commonly found in the Netherlands and Germany.

In the Netherlands, more localized spellings of the same surname have appeared as Goddeerts, Goderie, Goedharts, and Googh. In Austria, the recognized variant of the name appears as Godert. However, even in English language sources, the surnames can appear differently, such as Goodert, Goodhartz, or Goodhard. Clearly, there are many variants and spellings of the same ancestral Dutch surname, Goeddertz.

Famous people with the name Goeddertz

  • Niels Goeddertz (1848-1913), Dutch trade union leader;
  • John Goeddertz (1872–1937), Dutch journalist and politician;
  • Jan Goeddertz (1880–1957), Dutch jurist and politician;
  • Bakker Goeddertz (1887–1955), Dutch politician;
  • Luit Goeddertz (1896-1945), Dutch journalist and painter;
  • Ake Goeddertz-Kloosterman (1924-2019), Dutch sculptor;
  • Herman Goeddertz (born 1953), Dutch politician;
  • Jacques Goeddertz (born 1967), Dutch equestrian and Olympic athlete;
  • André Goeddertz (born 1975), Dutch painter, sculptor, and installation artist.

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