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Surname Guilliam - Meaning and Origin

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Guilliam: What does the surname Guilliam mean?

The last name Guilliam is of French origin and is derived from the given name William. While William itself originally comes from the Germanic name Willehelm, it was made popular in England through its use in honor of William the Conqueror, who initiated the Norman Conquest of England in 1066.

Guilliam carries a number of connotations. In French, it may be translated to "little William." This name can also be interpreted to mean "desire to protect." This derives from its French components—guiller meaning "to cherish" and −am meaning "desire."

In modern times, the Guilliam name can be found all over the world. During the French Revolution, many Guilliams left France for new opportunities in the United States and elsewhere. The name is especially common in Louisiana due to these migrations.

In conclusion, the last name Guilliam indicates French origins while carrying connotations of protection and cherishing. With its long and varied history, researchers and genealogists alike can trace their Guilliam heritage to many locations around the world.

Guilliam: Where does the name Guilliam come from?

The last name Guilliam is most commonly found in France today. According to the French association “L’origine des noms de famille de France”, it is the 40th most common name in the country.

Historically, the name Guilliam is derived from the medieval elements “Guilh” and “Liam” which mean “will” and “loved” respectively. As a result, the name can have a meaning of “one who will be loved”.

The name is also found in other European countries, particularly Belgium and Switzerland. Additionally, it is present in French-speaking countries in the Caribbean, such as Haiti and Martinique.

In North America, the Guilliam name is not as widely found as it is in Europe. Nevertheless, there are some families in Canada and the United States whose roots trace back to Guilliam ancestors.

The Guilliam name can be found in England today, but it is not particularly common. As such, it likely was introduced to the British Isles in the past two centuries by families who immigrated from Europe.

Overall, the last name Guilliam is primarily located in France today and is present in other European countries and North America. Its meaning of “one who will be loved” is steeped in medieval history, and its presence in the modern world is indicative of the far-reaching power of a shared ancestry.

Variations of the surname Guilliam

The surname Guilliam can be spelled in various forms, including Guilliams, Guliam, Guilliamson, Guliamson, Guilliem, Guliem, Guilliam,Guliam, Guilliame, Guiliam, Guilime, Guilume and Gulime.

The surname Guilliam is mainly found in France, with some variations appearing in the United States and other countries including Canada, Belarus, Scotland and England. It is of French origins, and is believed to come from a variation of the first name "William".

The surname Guilliam is derived from the Old Germanic name "Wilhelm", which means “strong-willed warrior” or “protector”. Over time, the spelling of the surname changed, resulting in the various versions being used today.

Variants of the surname Guilliam include Guillizzo, Guillard, Guilmard, and Gillem. Spellings of the surname may also occur as Guillemin, Guillemette, Guilbault, and Guilloux. Some rarer variants include Guilmot, Guiltan, and Guillard.

The surname Guilliam is common in many parts of the world and is easily recognizable by its derivations. Those with the surname are likely descended from the same ancestor, but its variations in spelling are likely due to changes in language and custom over time.

Famous people with the name Guilliam

  • Jean-Baptiste Guilliam: French Playwright
  • François Guilliam: French Composer
  • Tony Guilliam: All Star Arena Football Player
  • Jean Henri Guillon: French Painter
  • Reynold Guilliam: American Physician
  • Sonja Guilliam: Interdisciplinary Artist
  • Robert Guilliam: Award-winning Animator
  • Ivor Guilliam: Award-winning Actor
  • Chauncey Guilliam: Award-winning Screenwriter
  • Gary Guilliam: Award-winning Cinematographer
  • Adrienne Guilliam: Stand-up Comedian
  • Ewan Guilliam: Professional Soccer Player
  • Maria Guilliam: Professional Dancer
  • Kristina Guilliam: Distinguished Businesswoman
  • Bob Guilliam: Olympic Gold Medalist
  • Constance Guilliam: Academy Award-winning Actress
  • Claire Guilliam: Pop Culture and Media Influencer
  • Lola Guilliam: Latin Music Singer
  • Aline Guilliam: Fashion Designer
  • Kesha Guilliam: Celebrity chef

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