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Surname Haagen - Meaning and Origin

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Haagen: What does the surname Haagen mean?

The last name Haagen is of Dutch origin and is derived from the medieval personal name "Haego," which was derived from the Germanic elements "hagan" (enclosure, hedged area) and "gail" (east, sword). The name means "enclosure/hedged area from the east/sword."

Historical records indicate that the earliest known bearer of this surname was a feudal lord from Saxony, Germany, who moved to Holland in the 1100s. In Holland, Haagen was eventually adopted as a surname by his descendants.

The Haagen name may have larger roots stemming from the region of Gonheim in the Netherlands, as the Dutch surnames Hagemann and Hageman are derived from this region. The roots of Haagen come from humble beginnings, as the name translates directly to "hedged area."

Today, the last name of Haagen is found spread across Europe and the United States. In the United States, the name peaked in popularity in the 1920s, likely due to a surge in immigration from Europe. People with this surname often display strong traits of family loyalty, loyalty to their country, and a strong willingness to persevere in the face of adversity.

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Haagen: Where does the name Haagen come from?

The last name Haagen is common in certain parts of Europe. It originates from Denmark and Norway, and is relatively rare in other countries. In Denmark and Norway, the name is in the top 200 most common surnames. The highest concentration of people with the last name Haagen is found in Norway, which is home to more than 12,000 people sharing the name.

The majority of people with the last name Haagen are descendants of Danish and Norwegian immigrants who moved to the United States in the late 19th century. In the US, the name is most commonly found in Minnesota and Wisconsin, where there are large numbers of Scandinavian Americans. California and the Northeast US also have notable concentrations of people with this surname.

The name Haagen can also be found in other European countries, including Sweden, Germany, and France. Records show that the surname has also spread to other parts of the world, such as Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Overall, the surname Haagen is most abundant in Europe, especially in Denmark, Norway, and Scandinavia generally. The presence of this last name in the United States and other parts of the world, however, is evidence of its widespread and international appeal.

Variations of the surname Haagen

The Haagen surname is of Danish/ German origin and derives from the Old Norse given name, Hákon.

Variants of Haagen include Hagen, Haakenson, Haakanson, Haganson, Hansen, Hagensen, Hanason, Hensen, and Hakansson.

Haagen can be spelled differently in various countries, including Hagan in the United States, Haakonson, Hakanson, and Haganson in Sweden, Hagen in Germany, and Hagensen in Denmark. It is also spelled Hågen in Norway.

In the United States, the surname can also be found in its English-language equivalent, Hagan. Other variants include Hagen and Haggen.

There are other surnames associated with the Haagen name, including Haakonson, Hagenson, Haggen, and Haggenberg. Folk variants have also been recorded, such as Hagens, Hegans, Hagenshagen, Bennson, and Bojerud.

In Scandinavia, the Haagen surname is also linked with such names as Hagemann, Hansen, Hanson, Högkvist, Haugen, Torgersen, Olson, and Jorgensen.

Hagen is the most common variant of the Haagen surname in Denmark. It ranks relatively high on the list of the top 500 surnames in the nation, with approximately 14,000 people using this version of the name.

In Germany, variants of the name occur mostly with the spelling Hagen, making the name traceable back to the 13th century. It was most common in the western regions of Germany, including North Rhine Westphalia, and Baden-Württemberg.

The Haagen surname spread to other countries, including Scotland and France in the 17th century. In France, the Haagen family originated in Alsace, and the name Haagen is still present, albeit with the spelling Houg.

Overall, the variants, spellings and surnames associated with the Haagen surname are numerous and likely to continue as it spreads across the globe.

Famous people with the name Haagen

  • Ryan Haagen: American professional basketball player
  • Jens Haagen: Danish architect
  • Stan Haagen: American actor
  • Scott Haagen: American voice actor and musician
  • Eric Haagen: American professional baseball player
  • Ole Haagen: Norwegian intelligence officer
  • Roar Haagen: Norwegian World War II resistance fighter
  • Esther Haagen: American film actress in the 1960s
  • Hjalmar Haagen: Norwegian architect
  • Fredrick Haagen: American jazz musician and film composer

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