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Surname Haagmans - Meaning and Origin

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Haagmans: What does the surname Haagmans mean?

The last name Haagmans is of Germanic origin and is most commonly found in Germany, though there are some individuals in the Netherlands that bear this particular surname. Generally, the name translates to "from the hawthorn bush," with 'Hagen' meaning hawthorn and 'Man' meaning man.

The surname is thought to refer to the origin of an individual, either the place where the person's forefathers lived, a trade or profession that was associated with the family, or, in some cases, a characteristic trait of the individual. This is supported by the fact that other names exist such as Haggman for someone of a similar origin who is believed to have arrived later.

The name Haagmans is believed to be a patronymic surname, which suggests that the original bearer was the son or the eventual descendants of a person whose first name was Hag or Hagen. As surnames were adopted in the 1600s or later, it is possible that some individuals had changed their family name from Hag or Hagen to Haagman. This indicates that this name could, in fact, be derived from multiple origins.

In conclusion, it can be demonstrated that the last name Haagman has a Germanic origin that likely derives from an ancestor with the first name Hag or Hagen. The meaning of this name is believed to be "from the hawthorn bush," and it is likely a patronymic surname. Ultimately, it is up to the individual bearer to discover the true meaning and origin of their name.

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Haagmans: Where does the name Haagmans come from?

The last name Haagmans is a relatively rare name, but it has been recorded in many places across the world. In the Netherlands, Haagmans is a relatively common name, due to its origin in the province of Holland. In Belgium, the name is also present in the regions of Flanders and Brabant, as well as a few other areas.

In other areas throughout Europe, Haagmans is also found in regions such as northern Germany and the United Kingdom, particularly in Scotland and England. Additionally, the name is also present in parts of North America, particularly in the United States and Canada. In the United States, Haagmans can be found in Pennsylvania, Iowa, New Jersey, and some other states.

The name Haagmans is also found in South America at a lower frequency, with records found in countries such as Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, and Argentina. Similarly, the name is not uncommon in Oceania, particularly in Australia and New Zealand. The name can also be found at a lower frequency in Asia, in countries such as India, Pakistan, and Indonesia.

Overall, the name Haagmans is still relatively common and can be found in many places across the world, primarily in parts of Europe, North America, South America, Oceania, and Asia.

Variations of the surname Haagmans

The spelling and surname variants of Haagmans are Hagmans, Haggeman, Hagerman, Haggerman, Hagemann, Haggman, Haggenman, and Hageman.

The Haagmans surname is believed to have originated from the Netherlands where it derived from the Middle Dutch word “haa” meaning “emo” or “eel”. The first record of the Haagmans surname can be found in the village of Heythuysen in the province of Limburg. The earliest Bokelmann who was recorded to usage the name was a Jan Hagman in 1443.

The Hanseatic (medieval trading) city of Deventer was another place where the Haagmans surname was first recorded. As early as 1314, there was a family named Haagheman (or Haegheman) that lived in the city. After the Dutch Revolt which took place between 1576 and 1609, the Haagmans surname became more wide spread.

Among the spellings of Haagmans, the Hageman variant is somewhat unique as it is most often found in Zeeland in the south of the Netherlands. Other variants of the surname such as Haggman, Haggeman and Haggenmann are more common in other parts of the country such as Utrecht, Friesland and Groningen. The Haggerman, Hagemann and Hagerman variants are more commonly found further north in Germany and Belgium.

The surname Haagmans is an ancient Dutch surname that is still common in parts of the Netherlands and Germany as well as other parts of Europe. Although there are many variants of the name, all of them are believed to have come from the same origin.

Famous people with the name Haagmans

  • Theo Haagmans: Dutch actor, writer, filmmaker, and director.
  • Stephanie Haagmans: Dutch actress and model.
  • Luud Haagmans: Dutch professional football player.
  • Jaimy Haagmans: Dutch rower and Olympic silver medallist.
  • Michael Haagmans: Dutch football coach.
  • Saskia Haagmans: Dutch visual artist and costume designer.
  • Marlon Haagmans: Dutch YouTuber and gaming vlogger.
  • Yannic Haagmans: Dutch YouTuber and musician.
  • Mattijs Haagmans: Dutch software engineer.
  • Florette Haagmans: Dutch television producer and showrunner.
  • Greta Haagmans: Dutch professional cyclist.
  • Caro Haagmans: Dutch weightlifter.
  • Jeen Haagmans: Dutch photographer and media producer.
  • Jorik Haagmans: Dutch actor and presenter.
  • Toos Haagmans: Dutch singer and actress.
  • Bobbie Haagmans: Dutch author.
  • Tans Haagmans: Dutch comedy writer and director.
  • Yosha Haagmans: Dutch-Australian CEO and Entrepreneur.
  • Charles Haagmans: Dutch physician and clinical researcher.
  • Eva Haagmans: Dutch fashion designer.

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