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Surname Haggart - Meaning and Origin

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Haggart: What does the surname Haggart mean?

The last name Haggart is of Scottish origin, derived from the Norman French name Agard or the Gaelic O’Geartaigh, meaning one who is brave. The name is derived from the old Norse term haga meaning ‘enclosure’.

Haggarts were divided into two groups – the Highland Haggarts (Clann O’Geartaigh) and the Lowland Haggarts (Haggarts of Moffat). The Highland Haggarts resided in the Western Isles of Scotland (now known as the Outer Hebrides) and the Lowland Haggarts resided in Galloway (Southwest Scotland). It is noted that the origins of the Highland Haggarts originated from Ireland.

Haggarts were known for their hunting and fishing skills. As the Highland Haggarts often lived in isolation, they were renowned for their self-sufficiency and ingenuity in making use of what limited resources they had.

Throughout the generations, many Haggarts made a living as soldiers, labourers, fishermen and merchants. Some went on to become prosperous entrepreneurs, maintaining the traditions of hunting and fishing. Today, Haggarts are scattered all around the world with some living in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Ireland and Australia amongst many other countries throughout the world.

Haggarts are known for their sturdy builds, sparkling eyes and broad smile. They are often cheerful, ambitious and keen to learn new skills. This combined with their courage, determination and strong connection to their heritage make them an impressive asset to any country that is fortunate to have them as part of their community.

Haggart: Where does the name Haggart come from?

The last name Haggart is common today in parts of Britain, especially Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales. The surname is derived from a place name called 'Haggard', which is a townland in County Monaghan, Ireland. The first recorded Haggart appeared on the records of Monaghan in 1303 AD.

The Haggarts became well-known in Scotland through the Clan Haggart, which was a tribe or group connected to the area. During the 15th century, the Haggarts migrated to other areas in the British Isles such as Northern Ireland, England, and Wales.

The surname is still popular in Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales. It is a common name among those of Scottish or Irish origin although there could be Haggarts all over the world due to migration, especially in the past centuries.

Haggarts who have made history include Dr. John Haggart, a leader in the Scottish War of Independence; James Haggart, a member of the Legislative Assembly of Canada; and Margaret Haggart, who was one of the first professors of zoology at Edinburgh University.

Variations of the surname Haggart

The surname Haggart has many variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. These include Hagarth, Haggerty, Haggarth, Hagart, Hoagart, Haggertee, Haggerty, Hogarth, Haggerty,Rogue artists Hagherti, Haggarthy, Hoggarth, Halgart,Higgard, Hagertee, Hagait, Haggardi, Oggarth, Hagerty, Hagerth, Haggarthi, Higgard, and Hogart.

The surname Haggart is believed to have originated in the Scottish Highlands and is thought to have its roots in the Gaelic language in Scotland. The Gaelic word ‘hag’ is believed to mean ‘fire’, hence likely to have given the surname its origin.

The surname Haggart is also known to have links to Ireland, with the Haggerty, Haggerty or Haggertee names being most commonly found in County Cork. Alternatively, some variants have also been linked to Midlands area’s, primarily Warwickshire in England.

The spelling of the surname could also have been changed over the generations due to a variety of reasons including immigration, emigration, illiteracy, and phonetic spellings. For instance, the spelling of Haggarth and Haggerty have both been found dating back to the 17th century and several variants of the Haggart surname have also been found.

Haggart is also a fairly common surname found worldwide today, with notable people who carry this surname including former Australian politician Bill Haggerty, American actor Robert Haggart and English singer-songwriter Kari Haggarth.

Famous people with the name Haggart

  • Gordon Haggart: American writer and actor
  • Alexander Haggart: Scottish professional golfer
  • George Haggart: Canadian soccer player
  • Raleigh Haggart: American silent film actor
  • Sam Haggart: American actor
  • Steve Haggart: American basketball player
  • Cora Haggart: British actress
  • Angus Haggart: Scottish rugby player
  • William Haggart: Canadian statistician
  • Wilma Haggart: American artist

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