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Surname Hall - Meaning and Origin

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X. Hall

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Hall: What does the surname Hall mean?

The surname Hall has two primary origins. The first, and most common, originated from England and Scotland during medieval times and is an occupational or topographical surname for someone who worked or lived in a hall, i.e., an important estate or manor house. In short, if someone lived in or ran a large house, particularly a manor house, they would have been known as "of the Hall", ultimately resulting in the last name Hall.

Alternatively, the surname Hall could also have a Nordic origin from the Old Norse word "hǫll" meaning "slope" or "hill". Hence, it could have been a geographical surname given to people living near a hill or a steep incline.

Over time, the name has also come to represent someone who was considered to be magnificent or stately—in other words, figuratively a "hall". But generally, the name is associated with manorial customs and is a name tied to land and stature.

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Hall: Where does the name Hall come from?

The last name Hall is still quite common in many countries and regions around the world. It is especially prevalent in English speaking countries, appearing in the top 200 most common surnames in the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Canada, and Ireland.

In England, Hall is the 33rd most popular last name. It likely derives from Anglo-Saxon and Old German, in reference to a manor house, a dwelling, or habitation.

In the United States, Hall is the 40th most popular last name. It likely originated from similar origins in the UK; however, it may also be an Americanized spelling of the German Hal, which means bright or shiny, or may have been adopted by African Americans who lived on a plantation owned by someone named Hall.

In Canada, the same name is the 129th most popular. It may share similar roots to the U.S. and UK, but there is also speculation that the name could have arrived with Irish and European immigrants.

In Australia, Hall is the 121st most popular last name. This could be due to the large influx of British and Irish migrants during the 19th and 20th century.

In Ireland, Hall is the 95th most popular last name. Here it is presumed to be an anglicization of the Gaelic names O Cuill and O hEala and was likely used in Ulster during the 16th and 17th centuries.

Overall, the last name Hall is still quite popular today, appearing in the top 200 most common surnames in multiple English speaking countries. The origins of the name vary from place to place, and it is likely the product of multiple sources.

Variations of the surname Hall

The surname Hall has many variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. Variations include: Halle, Halles, Halleck, Hallack, Hallock, Hallacks, Hallocks, Hallam, Hallams, Hallams, Hallet, Hallets, Halford, Hallett, Hally, Holle, Holles, Holler, and Halloran.

Hall is thought to have originated as a nickname from the Olde English word 'healla', which meant a person who lived near or worked at a wall or cliff. It has also been suggested that 'Hall' can be derived from the words 'halh' or 'halig' (meaning an area of land associated with a religious community).

Hall is a common surname found in both England and Scotland. In England, records documenting the use of the Hall surname date back as far as the 11th century. In Scotland, the Hall surname has been in use since the 13th century.

Hallets, Hally, and Hallam are all variations of the same surname. Hallets is a variant form of Hall, the English form of the name, and is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word 'halet', meaning sloping. Hally is an alternate spelling of Hall, and is derived either from the Celtic word 'hall', meaning holy, or from a Middle English short form of names beginning with the element 'hal', meaning half. Hallam is derived from the medieval given name 'Hallam', a combination of the Old Norse personal name 'Ha'ali' and the Old English element 'ham' meaning settlement.

Hallock, Hallack, and Hallocks are variations of a different surname, Hollick. Hollick is a variant of the surname Hallock, which is derived from the Old English words 'hof' and 'loca', meaning a small enclosure.

Finally, Halloran is an anglicized form of the Irish surname Ó hAileacháin. The name is derived from the Irish Gaelic words 'Ailigh' and 'Aon', meaning rock or stone.

Famous people with the name Hall

  • Damian Hall: British ultra-runner
  • Stephen Hall: British musician and songwriter
  • Catie Hall: American pop singer
  • Jennifer Hall: American actress
  • Dave Hall: American rapper
  • Courtney Hall: American football player
  • Jimmy Hall: American blues-rock musician
  • Lo-René Hall: American reality television star
  • Sharlene Hall: American actress
  • Larry Hall: American singer-songwriter
  • Lawrence Hall: British actor
  • Gary Hall: American swimmer
  • Scott Hall: American professional wrestler
  • Janice Hall: American operatic soprano
  • Fred Hall: American cartoonist
  • Deitrick Hall: American singer
  • Alex Hall: American actor and director
  • Joi Hall: American professional dancer
  • Dave Hall: American musician, actor and reality television star
  • Catrine Hall: Canadian playwright

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